Every NiGHT Sleepy Jack travels into his dreams to do battle with his favorite toys, taking players on a delightful journey that elicits the joy and wonder of childhood. Wouldn't Peter Molydeux be proud!

It's one part Sega classic NiGHTs into Dreams , on part classic tunnel shooter (think Tempest or my personal favorite, N2O). The player uses on-screen controls or their phone's accelerometer to spin Sleepy Jack about a series of dreamy tunnels, collecting Zs to power a good night's sleep.

In many levels he'll encounter enemies based on the toys he plays with during his waking hours, shooting them down with similarly toy-inspired weapons. In other levels he'll strap on a music-powered flight pack and collect musical notes to propel him towards the end of the level. Every ten levels he'll face off against a challenging imagination-born boss battle, proving his mastery over the more powerful denizens of his toy box.

Silvertree Media, the developers of the wonderful Cordy, again demonstrate their mastery over childhood whimsy with Sleepy Jack. Skating through these gorgeous fantasy landscapes, guiding a child through challenges generated by his own subconscious mind; it's a surreal and sometimes sublime experience. It's the sort of happiness-inducing experience that you want to share with everyone, even those with iOS devices that are still waiting for the game to be released.

Don't worry, iPhone gamers! You'll get Sleepy Jack eventually. Until then, feel free to dream about him.


Sleepy Jack [Android Market]

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