PC | FUKUOKA, JAPAN: Cyber athletes at a recent gaming event in Japan. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Japan, Stop Playing with the Disgusting-Looking Food!

A meat bun shaped like a Dragon Quest Slime went on sale today in Japan. It's probably the grossest thing Square Enix has ever done. Truly, truly horrifying. More »

Ezio Is Trolling Dating Sites. He's Very Good.

It's slightly cruel in a "Bart Simpson vs Ms. Krabappel" kinda way, but equally hilarious: someone has signed up to a dating site using the persona of Assassin's Creed hero Ezio Auditore, and done what Ezio does best. More »

Do You Look Like That Lilith Lady from Borderlands? Earn Money, Get a Job!

Perhaps you are a female. Perhaps you are a female who resembles Lilith from Borderlands. Or perhaps you know someone who does. If so, the game's developer, Gearbox Sofware, has a deal for you. More »

These are the Men and Women who Bring Skyrim to Life

One very valid complaint that was levelled against Elder Scrolls IV is that it often felt like there were only three people voicing the game's entire cast.
In Skyrim, for the most part, that's been fixed. More »

In Case You Haven't Formed An Opinion About Minecraft By Now...

Sometimes game reviewers only have a couple of days to play and weigh a major game release before releasing their reviews. With indie sensation Minecraft they've had over a year. More »

Concept Art Surfaces for Ron Gilbert's New Double Fine Game

Ever since hearing that Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island maestro Ron Gilbert had moved to Double Fine Productions (The Brutal Legend and Psychonauts studio headed by his old partner in crime Tim Schafer), I've been dying to know what he's been working on.
We've had all manner of announcements from... More »

Rainbow 6 Developer Talks Terrorism, Call of Duty, and Moving the Medium Forward

Last week, I headed down to Ubisoft headquarters in San Francisco to get a first look at their upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow 6: Patriots. I posted my impressions of the event earlier today-it looks like a solid evolution of the small-team tactical template set forth in Vegas, but what's... More »

Woman Pepper-Sprayed Gamers in Self-Defense?

During the Black Friday chaos, one woman at a Walmart in Porter Ranch, San Fernando Valley pepper-sprayed shoppers during a scene of commercial chaos that broke out over video games. More »

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