Bowling, baseball and an crowd-sourced traffic jam navigation app headline this week's roundup of mobile device goodies.

Flick Home Run reminded me of a fruitless journey into mystery with my homecoming date in high school. Gutterball Golden Bowling Pin HD brought a grinding mechanic to a casual bowling game. Kinectimals demonstrated Xbox Live and Windows Phone synergy, and Hardest Game Ever did its damndest to live up to the claim.


If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Unable to Get Past First Base with Flick Home Run

Forgive my nostalgic ramblings, but the home run is, like high school sex was, undiscovered country to me, marked by crotch-aching near misses and hat-throwing technical disqualifications. And that's how I feel at the end of this tease of an experience called Flick Home Run, available now on iOS devices. More »

Avoid Speed Traps, Downed Trees, Traffic Jams And Level Up While You're Doing It

Waze isn't a game, not really, but I can't help using it like one. My wife gets viciously car sick when I drive, maybe because of how I drive. So she does a lot of the driving in our family, which leaves me with a lot of time to help her navigate and play games on my iPhone. Waze lets me do both. More »

"This Is Bowling. There Are Rules." Gutterball Golden Pin Bowling HD Blows Those Rules Up

Skunk Studios' Gutterball Golden Pin Bowling HD runs away screaming from the simulator goals of other bowling games. I really wanted to hate it at first, with its goofy voices and games-for-your-mom approach. However, it looks better than it has a right to, and traps you inside an insidious grind loop that still manages to be fun. More »

The Windows Phone / Xbox 360 Cross-Compatibility You Crave in a Little Furry Package

If you eagerly snatched up a Windows Phone 7 when they launched last year, dreaming of a mobile applications that allowed you to extend your Xbox 360 games beyond the television set, then this is the app for you, only it's Kinectimals. More »

Hardest Game Ever Has a Lofty Title. It Features Short Games

Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s is a collection of, wait for it, mini-games. In the last few years, mini-games became synonymous with casual gaming, and Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s definitely has one foot planted firmly in Casual-Land. That's not a bad thing. More »