On Duty | LAS VEGAS, NV: Two ten year-olds hold their new limited edition Xbox 360 bundles. (Photo: Ethan Miller | Getty)

Should You Buy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Yes.

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series has been catering to gamers' open-world fantasy fantasies since 1994, each new title dragging players deeper into the world of Nirn and its thick and hearty fiction. More »

Report: Inevitable Battlefield 4 Mentioned by...EA's President

You didn't think EA would stop at Battlefield 3, did you? Apparently during a keynote at the University of Southern California, Electronic Arts president Frank Gibeau said, "There is going to be a Battlefield 4."
So we can take that as official confirmation? More »

Hollywood's Skyrim Party. This Is It

Last night in Los Angeles, Bethesda threw a superstar shindig for its superstar game-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
In attendance were an array of celebs: More »

Need New Wallpaper? Check Out These Amazing Video Game Screenshots

Dead End Thrills, a great site for your downtime/wallpaper needs, is a bit of a favourite of mine. And for good reason.
They take screenshots very seriously, turning them from promotional tool or keepsake into art. More »

This Skyrim Concept Art Isn't Afraid to Fight Dragons

I know, we ran one of these only a few weeks ago, but that was but a taste. An appetiser for the main course that is today's bumper serving of Elder Scrolls V: More »

Get a Wii for Under $100 at Walmart on Black Friday

Walmart is sending out mailings to customers, letting them know what Black Friday deals are in their area. While Kotaku hasn't seen the ads for everywhere, it has seen the one Atlanta. More »

Jay Leno Is a Troll. Blows Up Letterman's Studio in Modern Warfare 3

Thought Leno's jokes during the late night wars were bad? With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, they just got worse.
On tonight's Tonight Show, Leno mentioned how big Modern Warfare 3 was. More »

Skyrim Will Have Infinite Randomly Generated Content. But Will It Ever Feel as Real as Minecraft?

Speaking to Wired in a new interview segment published today, Skyrim director Todd Howard revealed that the game will feature randomly generated quests created by its Artificial Intelligence "director," known as Radiant Story. More »

Arcade Improv: Humans Pretending to Be Videogames

At the PAX East conference last year, a young man approached the microphone during the Q&A with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, creators of the popular Penny Arcade webcomic.
Instead of asking a question, he bellowed, "Welcome to ACTION CASTLE! More »

Simpsons! Simpsons Arcade Here! Who's Ready?!

A listing with Australia's Classification Board says The Simpsons, the fondly remembered arcade beat-em-up, is coming soon to modern platforms.
The certificate says that Backbone Entertainment, linked to SEGA ports, is handling the game, to be published by Konami. More »

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