Ita | SHIZUOKA, JAPAN: Cosplayer Nekoko poses in the trunk of a Hatsune Miku Ferrari. (Photo: ごっづ | アサガヲBlog)

There's a Zelda 3DS Handheld, and It Is Stunning

So far only revealed for the European market, this black with gold trimmings 3DS handheld is being released by Nintendo to commemorate the franchise's 25th anniversary.
It'll be out in Europe on November 25, and includes a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D.

You can contact Luke Plunkett, the author of... More »

Could Phoenix Wright Be the First Truly Great Game Movie?

Capcom's had so-so luck with movies. That is, depending on your opinion of the Street Fighter movie, the Chun-Li picture, and the Resident Evil flicks. More »

Mass Effect 3's Story Leaks Online

The accidental release of a beta for Mass Effect 3 over the weekend is the least of BioWare's problems at the moment. More worrying is the fact the game's story has leaked online.
We're not talking a few clips or scraps of info. More »

Will This Real-Life Discovery Impact Uncharted?

Uncharted stars John Nathan Drake, a descendent of famed explorer Sir Francis Drake.
In the first game, Drake searches for Sir Francis Drake's remains and the lost city of El Dorado. More »

Next Xbox Codenamed "Loop", Runs On Modified Windows 9

Insider blog MS nerd, which has been right on a few things coming out of Microsoft HQ from time to time, reckons it has some info on the next Xbox console.
Currently codenamed "Loop", the site says the console will have a single main processor that's joined by "assistive cores" for "graphics, AI,... More »

Did Madden Just Curse Another Victim?

Never mind that there's no such thing as the "Madden Curse", Madden NFL 12 coverboy Peyton Hillis sat out his third-straight game this past Sunday. That's just the start of it. More »

It's Kojima, Alright. But She Certainly Didn't Create Metal Gear

In English, idol Haruna Kojima from pop group AKB48 has the same last name as Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. Know what that means? Kojima word plays!
In Japanese, however, Haruna Kojima's last name is written as "小嶋", while Hideo Kojima's last name is "小島". More »

The Epic Art of Epic Mickey

For all the awesome art found in video game production-so awesome we run this regular feature on it-not too many publishers go to the trouble of releasing big, fancy coffee table books showing said art off. More »

Skyrim Director: "Substantial" DLC Already in the Works

I don't think I'm breaking any embargos when I tell you that Skyrim is a terrifyingly massive game. In the true Bethesda tradition, it goes on and on and on, and it's hard to imagine adding content to what is already such a gigantic piece of work. More »

This is How Many People Are Already Playing Modern Warfare 3

Here's a snapshot of what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 looked like four hours before the game officially hit the U.S.
This tiny map shows where the game's 118,995 online players were signing in to log a few frags. More »

On the Eve of Modern Warfare 3, a Very Cool Illustration of Soap and the Gang

As we gear up to dive into Modern Warfare 3 (Top question: will you be more of a Jonah Hill or a Sam Worthington?), it's fun to pause for a minute and take a look back.
Artist Sam Gilbey sent in this illustration that Activision commissioned him to do promoting Call of Duty Elite, the online social... More »

So Far, Super Mario 3D Land is a Breeze, But There's Something Special Here

You can jump over the flagpole in Super Mario 3D Land. Nothing special happens.
I figured that out this morning, while riding the F train in New York City and balancing myself just right so I could keep playing without falling over my fellow commuters. More »

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