Infinity Blade -Did you know that there was an Infinity Blade 2 coming? Did you know that there was an Infinity Blade book and iPhone case and t-shirt? I love the game, but man that's a lot for two iPhone games to support.

How to Buy a Copy of Modern Warfare 3 Today

Last night we posted an image of a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that a reader had purchased in a Tampa, Florida Kmart. Then it started popping up on eBay and Craigslist. More »

Grand Theft Auto V Will Be the Series' Biggest Game, Rockstar Says

The next Grand Theft Auto will be the "largest and most ambitious" game ever made by Rockstar, the company behind Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and, oh yeah, Grand Theft Auto, said today, one day after dominating the gaming Internet with the debut of the trailer for GTA V.
Company founder Sam Houser... More »

The iPad Gets an Underwater Computer-Gaming Stunner

I'd heard lovely things about Aquaria, the beautiful underwater adventure for PC and Mac. It was an underwater 2D throwback of a game, an action-adventure with mysterious new-agey music and a good story. More »

Two Year Old Call of Duty More Popular Than Battlefield 3 on Xbox Live Last Week

Last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops and 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 both remained the most played video games on Xbox Live the week Battlefield 3 hit stores, according to Microsoft stats.
It's worth noting that Battlefield 3 wasn't released until Tuesday, Oct. More »

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Hitting in February 2012, Includes All Four DLC Packs

Those of you who held off on getting the post-nuclear adventure set in the Fallout universe's version of Sin City with the hopes of getting a beefed-up edition have just hit the jackpot. More »

Skyrim Creators Miss Opportunity to Make Hilarious Joke

You can't buy Skyrim yet. But you can buy Skyrim things for a virtual Xbox 360 avatar to wear or stand near.
As of today, you can spend $4 on a mage robe or $3 for a dragon prop. More »

Shooting Folks is Fine, But What if We Run Over a Dog in Grand Theft Auto V?

With a puppy appearing in the opening scene of the Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer, animal-loving commenter Nostrapadamous is worried that a virtual dog might run out in front of his virtual car and virtually die. More »

Google "Do a Barrel Roll" Right Now

Do it. Right now. Why are you still here? You need a link? To Google? Seriously? Fine.
There, wasn't that fun? You can thank Twitter.


You can contact Michael Fahey, the author of this post, at More »

New DmC Screens Highlight New Dante's Topsy-Turvy World

It's been quiet when it's come to updates on the somewhat controversial reboot of Capcom's demon-hunting franchise. But, the Japanese publisher just released a batch on new screens showing the darker-haired Dante in action. More »

New Alan Wake to be Revealed, More on Metal Gear Solid: Rising Promised Next Month

Batman: Arkham City, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception all made the cut for the annual Video Game Awards' game of the year shortlist. More »

This is How Modern Warfare 3 Will Bring Everyone Together

The Call of Duty series has traditionally been about shooting your enemies apart online, but with the strong social features of Call of Duty Elite and Facebook integrated with Modern Warfare 3 the latest game in the series is more about bringing gamers together. More »

Why My Video Game Has No Locked Content

There are no unlocks in Waves. None at all.
If you buy the game, then you get access to all five game modes right away. This won't prevent most of you trying them all out in the order they appear in the menu, but there is absolutely nothing stopping you from starting out with Bombing Run rather... More »

Passing the Buck in a Culture of Dismissal

This weekend I had the good fortune to attend NYU Practice, a fantastic in-depth conference on game design. I was repeatedly surprised at how clever the solutions were to the presented challenges. More »

Branching Levels Driven By Moral Choices Could Be Rainbow 6's Secret Weapon

While other shooters are pursuing more weapons, more maps, higher polygon counts, higher body counts; Tom Clancy's latest Rainbow Six game is pushing the envelop on morality.
In unveiling Rainbow 6: More »

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