The Call of Duty series has traditionally been about shooting your enemies apart online, but with the strong social features of Call of Duty Elite and Facebook integrated with Modern Warfare 3 the latest game in the series is more about bringing gamers together. And then killing them.

I'm not a big multiplayer shooter person. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy playing against people online; I just never seem to find a group of people willing to screw around as much as I like to when I'm shooting people. I've met the odd compatriot, but there's always another six or eight people yelling at us to stop shooting each other and concentrate on the game.

After watching this trailer covering the social features of Modern Warfare 3 I'm hopeful. If there are other people out there that want to play shotgun tag or just comb a multiplayer level looking for fun places to die, maybe this is where I will find them.


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