Shooting Folks is Fine, But What if We Run Over a Dog in Grand Theft Auto V?

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With a puppy appearing in the opening scene of the Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer, animal-loving commenter Nostrapadamous is worried that a virtual dog might run out in front of his virtual car and virtually die. In the arms of angels goes today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


I am an animal lover. No, I am not into furry lovin', nor do I rush gung ho into the PETA word to protest every insane length they go to. But I love animals and never could really hurt one.

Animals in games have always bothered me. In games where you are hunted down by attack dogs I feel bad, but not enough to stop playing. Red Dead Redemption has a lot of animal killing. But it took place in a time where you were hunted by them, and you did hunt for food. I didn't go out of my way to kill animals, but I did if they attacked me first. It made sense in that world they created. May not like it, but have accepted it.

But I see in the Grand Theft Auto V trailer a dog, and wonder, will there really be animals in this game? Will I be driving along minding my own business and a dog darts out and *thump* hear the squeal and kill the dog? Will I be in a huge fight with the cops, and throwing grenades and see dogs go flying cause it wandered in too close? Yes I understand I am killing thousands of humans, but running over one dog in the game would bother me far more than that. Honestly, if I know I could be running over dogs often by accident I don't know if I could play that game. Strange hypocrisy I know, but it's how I feel.

So, if the accidental running over dogs becomes a possibility in GTAV, would it bother you enough to avoid playing it?

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To All you guys saying its only VIRTUAL, who cares.

Answer me this

Would you VIRTUALLY RAPE a woman in GTA? Would you? I'm not talking about prostitutes here. I mean an NPC female that was screaming and crying as you raped her. It would be VIRTUAl of course. Its not a rhetorical question, I'm curious about your answers.