Grand Theft Auto V -This isn't official in anyway, but it's still a neat art poster. [Thanks Julian]

The Painful, Beautiful Parting of Two Brothers Bound by Gaming

It was a promise. British-born game designer Andrzej Zamoyski and his brother Adam made it as soon as they heard the news. Both were up late, camped out on Adam's comfy sofa with their mom and Adam's wife, sipping tea and eating biscuits as this year's Nintendo E3 press conference streamed from the... More »

Here's Why The Legend of Zelda Should Come To the iPhone

Mage Gauntlet is the sort of game that should have Nintendo rethinking their policies on bringing their wonderful, vibrant catalog of games to mobile devices.
This 90s-flavored, action role-playing game isn't just a small snack, in the metaphor of filling entertainment, it is a full three-course... More »

Does Playing Battlefield 3 On a PC Make You Twice as Accurate (Or Is It Just Me?)

Battlefield 3 is an amazing, bar-setting online shooter. It's also one of the first games of its kind that has had me ping-ponging back and forth between computer and console to play.
Sure, I could blame the game's unstable servers for the reason why I keep moving between computer and Xbox 360 (I... More »

The Next Magicka Expansion Taps Lovecraft, Pokes Minecraft

Goodbye, Vietnam. Paradox Interactive's acclaimed and comical multiplayer wizard computer game will be getting an expansion called The Stars Are Left. More »

Someone's Going to Be Playing a Lot of Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

Commenter Valeria got more and less than she bargained for in her copy of Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360. It's a picture perfect Speak Up on Kotaku!
Well I'm sure glad I wasn't really that interested in the single player... More »

Multiplayer Doesn't Ruin Mass Effect 3

Some smart gamers eye the addition of multiplayer modes to formerly single-player franchises with the kind of suspicion that classical music aficionados might have if they heard their favorite violinist gave a guest spot at their next concert to Kanye West. More »

A Look At the Ascended, Dead, Imaginary Sidekick in Battlefield 3

In this scene from Battlefield 3's campaign we see the spirit of Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky's great grandfather driving a car in downtown Paris.
Haunted by his failures in Vladivostok during the trailing end of the Russian Civil War, Anatoly Mayakovsky's morose spirit rose from the dead in the early... More »

Get to Know Your Guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's New Weapons Trailer

Actvision's producers talk about the new ways that weapons usage will change in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It sounds like the more you use a particular gun, the better it gets. More »

These New Assassin's Creed Screenshots Are Revelations

Korean gaming site Ruliweb posted a slew of new screenshots from the upcoming title Assassin's Creed: Revelations.
The images show off a wide range of aspects from the game, including dialogue, grenade throwing, hang gliding, combat, and a look at the inventory. More »

Hey, Kotaku Game Club, We're Playing Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Next

Welcome back, Game Clubbers! Since last month's Game Club was Xbox exclusive, it seems only fair that we do one for our PS3-owning members next. With that mind, Uncharted 3: More »

Sixteen Minutes of Soulcalibur V Action Starring Xianghua's Daughter

Why I am upset over this video of new Soulcalibur V character Leixia being played during Paris Game Week?
It's not the missing moves or unfinished command set of the demo version of Leixia. More »

We're Getting a 10-Hour Assassin's Creed iPad Board Game for the Holidays

When the people at Ubisoft aren't making a thousand Just Dance games, they're making a thousand Assassin's Creed games. I play the latter and enjoy most of them. More »

This Gaymer's Story

Because it needs to be said, I only speak for myself. Trigger warnings for suicidal thoughts, sexual violence, homophobia, child abuse, life.
I made the mistake. More »

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