Like a Rat | JAPAN: In this clip, the Blue Hearts perform "Linda Linda". (Video: AMIRAALIBEER | YouTube)

Arkham City Cosplay Turns Normal Man Into Dark Knight

A team of props builders from forum The FX lab have wanted to build a Batman suit for a long, long time. With the success of first Arkham Asylum and now its sequel, Arkham City, they finally found the inspiration/motivation.
So they built a Batsuit based on that found in the games. More »

An Insane Price. A Glittery Crotch. A Good Cause.

Fist of the North Star started life as a badass manga. A badass manga needs a badass figure. A big badass figure. But does it need Swarovski crystal? You bet it does. More »

The Time Steve Jobs Got "the Kissing Disease" (He Wasn't Making Out!)

It's a scourge of junior high school students everywhere: Mononucleosis. The highly infectious disease is colloquially dubbed the "kissing disease". But that's not how Steve Jobs got it. More »

The Best Blizzard Fan Art of 2011

Blizzcon wasn't only about Blizzard games. It was also about Blizzard fans. There were contests, such as the amazing costume competition. But they weren't the only fan creations that dazzled. More »

Grand Theft Auto V's Logo Has Some Real History

And I don't mean the iconic "Price is Right" font. I mean the way the latest game in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, has a rather interesting employment of antique US currency.
As spotted by a Reddit user, the "FIVE" at the end of the game's logo is lifted almost directly from an old Silver... More »

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