Stats -These stats paint a grim picture of how awful I am at Battlefield 3. But I'm still enjoying myself, so there's that. Right? (Click on the image for the tragic numbers.)

Leeroy Jenkins, Yes That Leeroy Jenkins Gets a Prime Time Name Check

I'm a fan of buddy crime-solving comedy Psych. The silly nature of the show and its constant references to obscure pop culture, the 80s and obscure 80s pop culture suits my downtime perfectly.
But when I heard Shawn Spencer (actor James Roday) bellow out a "Leeroy Jenkins" I thought that maybe it... More »

The Huge Hardware Implications for Grand Theft Auto V and the Future of Video Games

In a year full of headlines about Apple, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, it's possible to think that the forces that shape the future of what we'll play and where we'll play it is now solely in the hands of the people who make plastic and metal boxes. More »

You Know What the Pokémon Franchise Really Needs? Your Fresh Ideas

Commenter Balmung of the Azure Sky has been thinking about Pokémon lately, and believes it's high time the franchise gets the modern-day makeover it desperately needs. More »

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Microsoft Bans-and Un-Bans-13-Year-Old Boy from Xbox Live Due to ‘Glitch'

Sure, it's a given that a big conglomerate like Microsoft can giveth and taketh away. But the part that rankles is when the lockout of an XBLA account happens with no explanation, especially when it appears that there's been no wrongdoing on the part of a particular user.
Take 13-year-old Taylor... More »

Your PC Must Be This Powerful to Run Skyrim

And now the figures you've all been waiting for! Bethesda's Pete Hines has tweeted the minimum and recommended PC specs for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and they're rather reasonable. More »

These Are the Best Cities For the Next Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise driven by stories, with a massive cast of characters and nearly endless replayability. But the thing that most distinguishes one Grand Theft Auto from the next is Rockstar's glorious, subversive take on each of the games' settings. More »

The Battlefield 3 Reviews We Can Find Are Pretty Positive

Normally on the day after the review embargo for a major video game release is up sites like Metacritic are flooded with fresh opinions waiting to be woven together into one of Kotaku's Frankenreviews. More »

The Next Chapter in the Halo Saga Begins Right Here

The road to 343 Industries' Halo 4 begins today with the release of Halo: Glasslands, the beginning of a new series from Star Wars and Gears of War scribe Karen Traviss that bridges the gap between the third and fourth games. More »

Should you Buy Kirby's Return to Dreamland? No.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland is the first Nintendo-published game for the Wii since June and only the third of the year, but scarcity alone does not guarantee quality. More »

NVIDIA Offers Guides to Building A PC Worthy of Battlefield 3

One thing that's becoming clear from the reviews coming in about Battlefield 3 is that a person's satisfaction might vary greatly depending on whether you play it on console or PC. More »

Grand Theft Auto V Will Be Set in Los Angeles, May Star Multiple Characters

Strengthening long-standing rumors for years that the next Grand Theft Auto would be set in Los Angeles or a fictional version thereof, a source familiar with the game told Kotaku today that those rumors are true. More »

Conan O'Brien Tribute Gallery Recalls van Gogh, Surrealism, Gaming Art

Late night talk show host, funny man and all-around red head Conan O'Brien is returning to New York City with his show this week, but only for a week.
To celebrate, Conan brought his pop-up art exhibit to the city. More »

Don't Forget to Suit Up for Today's Other Big Game Release

While all the grown-ups are playing Battlefield 3, what'll the kids be playing? That's right, Battlefield 3 as well, but keep a copy of Disney Universe nearby in case Child Protective Services stops by. More »

5 Questions the GTA V Trailer Will Hopefully Answer

Above is the first trailer for GTA IV. Remember that? It came out at the end of March 2007 and answered questions about the next GTA, even as it answered a bunch. More »

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