NVIDIA Offers Guides to Building A PC Worthy of Battlefield 3

One thing that's becoming clear from the reviews coming in about Battlefield 3 is that a person's satisfaction might vary greatly depending on whether you play it on console or PC. If you want to experience the make-your-eyes-tear-up peak experience supposedly offered by DICE's Frostbite 2 engine but don't know where to start, then Nvidia's got a super-helpful breakdown on their GEForce website. The GPU manufacturer runs down configurations of various parts from its product lines as they'd integrate with a variety of motherboards, HDDs and RAM options. There's a few different price ranges, so you may not have to hurt your wallet too much to run EA's latest shooter in all its glory.

Nvidia's already run down how its GeForce GTX graphics card combined with the PhysX physics engine will radically improve performance for Arkham City. With this latest piece on Battlefield 3, they're going a bit further. Hopefully, with the recommended specs for Skyrim just revealed, they'll offer similar guidance on crafting an affordable Elder Scrolls V rig.


How To Build A Kick-Ass Battlefield 3 PC [GeForce.com]

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