Nice Duds | TOKYO, JAPAN: Cave producer Makoto Asada cosplays as he shows off his latest game, Instant Brain. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Report: Sony Pictures Closing in on Assassin's Creed Movie Deal That Could Make Gamers Happy

Sony Pictures is close to signing a deal with Ubisoft to turn period-piece adventure game Assassin's Creed into a movie, Variety reports. More importantly, it sounds like the deal could actually result in a movie you'd want to watch.
The deal comes after a reported bidding war between several... More »

Adorable Zelda Cosplay is Breaking my Heart

Not all Halloween costumes need to be scary. These parents dressed their son as Link and it's having the opposite effect of scary.
Call them stage parents if you want, but they've really gone the extra mile here. More »

Why Do Shy Girls Love Singing about Nerdy Things?

I guess they're not that shy, because they are filming themselves singing songs and then uploading the clips to YouTube.
There's an entire subgenre of young females strumming their guitars, usually in their bedrooms, and singing about the nerdiest things imaginable, from StarCraft to physics. More »

Some of Team Fortress 2's Coolest Weapons Have Been Made by You

Well, not you specifically, "you" as in "people who don't work for Valve".
Ever since Team Fortress 2's recent Manniversary update, players have been able to show off fan-made weapons and items in The Workshop, a central spot where other players can vote on them. More »

Red Dead Redemption Designer Now Making a Movie

And it's not Red Dead Redemption. Christian Cantamessa, who designed and co-wrote the wonderful Red Dead Redemption, is going Hollywood.
Cantamessa sold a script he co-wrote called Wake Cycle. More »

She's a Nun. An Evil Nun. With a Machine Gun.

Fashion model turned famous lady Nozomi Sasaki has a new habit: She's appearing in upcoming television series based on a social networking game as a boss character. More »

L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition Hits Consoles Next Month

L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition is coming to the Playstation 3 and Xboxz 360 next month, Rockstar said this morning.
Like the already announced PC version of L.A. More »

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