Guess the Game - This gaming tee showed up at my house today along with a copy of the game. Any guesses which new release it's for?

Mario Kart 7 Screens Pull Up. Throw Turtle Shells.

This December, Mario Kart 7, which is actually the ninth Mario Kart, pulls off the line.
Mario Kart 7 features a new first-person mode, hang gliders, and new weapons. More »

They Want to Make Sequels a Thing of the Past

Imagine the lovechild that would emerge from the coupling of, say, Epic's Gears of War and Zynga's Adventure World. You'd get all the gritty action and polished mechanics of a AAA game buoyed by a constant stream of updates and content. More »

Getting Shafted was Never This Much Fun

In, Mechanic Panic, you're an elevator maintenance guy on his worst and, inevitably, last day of the job. You will die. The question it poses is how will you choose to spend it? More »

A Grand X-Men Finale, 1950's Avengers, Sonic and More of This Week's Comics Worth Buying

There are new comics to buy each week, and, as always, I have some suggestions...


Comics You Should Consider Buying (from comics shops)
Action Comics #2 Grant Morrison continues his tale of the re-booted Superman, back when Superman was young and an anti-authority super-hero activist. More »

Do You Live In the Biggest Video Gaming City In the U.S.?

Huntington, New Yorkers spend more than four times the average amount of video games, according to a recent study by credit card spending tracker Bundle.
The study looked at spending at GameStop, EB Games and Steam from July 2010 to June 2011 for the top 100 cities in the U.S. More »

Super Mario 3D Land In 75 Images Set to Disco

Nintendo just dropped 75 new tiny 3DS screens on us for the upcoming, very-fun-to-play, Super Mario 3D Land. So we turned them into a video and added... More »

We Watched them Play Max Payne 3 , and We Were Very Impressed

Rockstar Games will end an a 10-month stretch of no major new video games next March. Not with the release of the next Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption, but with the shooter I saw at their New York office this past week, the unexpectedly beautiful and expectedly violent Max Payne... More »

How To Get Rage To Run On Your PC, An id Software Guide

The computer version of Rage hasn't exactly been trouble free for some folks trying to play id Software's latest creation. I haven't run into any over issues, but I've got a high-end tower that I just ran through a massive driver update. More »

Wisconsin Steals Video Game Cosplay World Record From England

Oh you Londoners thought you were so hot, with your 376 video game cosplayers in one place. Well you just got served by Wisconsin, as the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes an even larger gathering in the state known for its cheese. More »

Should You Buy Forza Motorsport 4? Yes.

Brian Crecente: The Forza franchise continues to dance the fine line between a racing game too authentic to interest me and one designed to be intuitive enough for someone who likes going fast, but doesn't necessarily have the abilities to do so well. More »

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