We've seen title art from modern games. And from NES games. Today, we're hitting the ground somewhere in between with a collection of animated title screen art from the Genesis/Mega Drive and Super Nintendo.

These images come courtesy of Title Scream, a site run by Kiwi interactive designer Cameron Askin which is looking to preserve and celebrate some of the most memorable (yet unheralded) art in video game history.


His site runs from the NES days through to the mid-90s, but since we've already featured NES art previously, I'm sticking to the 16-bit stuff today.

IMPORTANT: Our gallery frames will make the images seem all screwy; just click "expand" and they'll pop out and display properly.

Most, though not all, of the images above are animated, so give 'em a second or two to kick in. Also, they're just a selection; for the full collection, brew some tea, settle in and head to Title Scream.


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