Special Order -I ordered a case of Felix gum from Japan last month. Yes, it's that good.

This is Your First $10 Gears of War 3 DLC

On November 1, you can buy $10 more of Gears of War 3 in the form of the Horde Command Pack.
The pack adds three maps to the game's Horde and Beast mode (Blood Drive, Rustlung and Azura), three new characters (Onyx guard, Big Rig Dizzy and Bernie Mataki), two new weapon skins (Team Plasma and... More »

Slam Dunk King: Chop off my Legs and Arms? Still Dunking

It's a sign of the iPhone's growing maturity as a platform that I can now have a favourite iOS developer. And that developer is PikPok.
The New Zealand studio, who we've featured once or twice on Kotaku before, has just released another sports game, only this one is a little different from its... More »

Game Reviewers Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Rage

Yes, I'm remixing lines from Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night", but only because game reviewers' mixed reactions to id Software's Rage have my head spinning. More »

Only The Darkness II Could Reward Preorders with a Heart-Eating Bonus

While The Darkness II doesn't hit store shelves until February 7, preordering now for a free upgrade to the limited edition would be good for your heart, and extremely bad for the hearts of your enemies. More »

Remember to Take a 10-15 Minute Break From Xbox Live for Sex

In today's slightly not safe for work edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Tem Dijima shares with us a prime example of why we need to keep our personal conversations off Xbox Live. More »

Xenonauts Takes an Old Classic and Doesn't Turn it Into a First-Person Shooter

OK, I admit it: I am as cynical as you when it comes to half-suspecting that enormously ambitious, fanbase-courting independent projects announced before work on them has even begun carry the dread stench of vapourware.
I've been very interested in Xenonauts for some time, if faintly horrified that... More »

How To Find the Wolfenstein Room Inside of Rage

Everybody kind of remembers Wolfenstein 3D, I personally remember it as that game I secretly played while my parents were working. This quick walkthrough will show you how to get to the secret Wolfenstein 3D room, an easter egg nestled within the very first mission of the game.
Hopefully, I won't... More »

Unreal Engine 3 Now Works in Flash. Yes, the Same Flash That's In Your Browser, Facebook

What if one of the world's most popular 3D engines, the same one used to power many of the most popular console games in the world, also ran in your web browser? More »

10 Questions Siri Should Be Able to Answer for Gamers

Today at Apple's live iPhone event, Apple's Scott Forstall demoed a new iteration of the personal assistant "Siri," an artificial intelligence that understands questions users ask and responds with helpful information. More »

In Praise of Tough Questions

I heard yesterday that games journalist Brandon Sheffield gave a tough interview to some of the guys who made Rage, this week's big new first-person shooter.
"Hostile" was the word floating around in my Twitter feed. More »

Every Night is Basketball Appreciation Night in NBA 2K12

It is 2 a.m. and I'm going to score 60 points with Dell Curry. Having unlocked the 1992-1993 Charlotte Hornets-you had better believe it was the first thing I did in NBA 2K12-I've started Dell in place of Kendall Gill and he is, well, he's beating his son. More »

How To Find Quake Inside Rage

Earlier today we posted our walk-through video showing how you to find a little bit of Wolfenstein 3D inside id Software's Rage. Here's a look at how to find Quake in the game.
This time around you don't have to just bump into a wall, you need to track down four buttons, click em and then find a... More »

Double Fine Delivers Custom Pick-Me-Up Card to Gamer with Rare Brain Disease

Psychonauts, arguably Double Fine Studios's best and most well-known game, is all about memories and how they shape our lives. The PS2-era game impacted Chris Machado so much that he wrote into the dev collective founded by Tim Schafer, which led to a visit to their San Francisco offices.
Years... More »

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