In today's slightly not safe for work edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Tem Dijima shares with us a prime example of why we need to keep our personal conversations off Xbox Live.

So, the other day I was playing Castlevania: Harmony of Despair on my PS3. My girlfriend was in the chair behind me on my laptop messing with her Facebook games, and her best friend was over in the corner on my PC playing Sims 3.


Well, I join this game lobby, and a few seconds later someone else joins and starts chatting with the host. No big deal, they know each other. Then we hear this:

"Hey man, I'm gonna back out, I'm about to get some pussy."
"Just hit ready and go, man, we can get this."
"Nah man, I'm not gonna mess up your guys game. I'll be back in 10-15 minutes." And he leaves.

I found it funny so I'm laughing and I turn to my girlfriend to ask if she heard that, and she has a look of horrified shock on her face and says:

"I hope that's just the warm-up."
Me: "No, he said he'd be back in 10-15 minutes."
"My god... That poor girl."


We were joking about that the whole weekend.

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