Fans of pig-based mobile games might want to look away, this week in gaming apps was not kind to our porcine friends, though perhaps a little tofu can make things right?

This week Owen called out the overuse of pigs and pig-by-products in mobile titles, Ash dealt with some Stupid Ninjas, Totilo fell in love with chemistry all over again, and I played a game that wanted but didn't need to be another game. Amidst all this carnage and chemical love, McWhertor kept us grounded by reminding us that plant products can be tortured and killed too.

Sometimes the world is so beautifully balanced you just want to cry. Then you get used as a curling...ball? Puck? Iron?

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

To-Fu 2 for iPhone & iPad Is Satisfying, Just Not Meaty Enough

iTunes' recent iPhone "Game of the Week" To-Fu 2 is not Meat Boy. This puzzling protein replacement packs in 100 levels of touchscreen platforming that's sometimes satisfying, sometimes bland. More »

Stupid Ninjas Is Not Stupid (But Has Terrible Font)

There are lots of stupid smartphone games. Stupid Ninjas is not one of them. It's loads of fun. The game's font, however, is not. More »

Somehow, They Turned Chemistry Into the Next Video Game You Should Play

A friend who was recently planning his amusement for a 14-hour flight asked me for a game recommendation. You will only need one game for the entire flight, I told him. Shortly afterward we sat down. I produced my iPad and proof. The proof is called SpaceChem. More »

Making Curling Fun is Like Putting Earrings on a Pig

Can we have a moratorium on pigs in iPhone games? Please? I've seen enough of them, and they no longer communicate fun, quirky or cute as much as they do "a focus group told us to use this," whether one was actually hired to or not. More »

Shadowgun Is Trying Too Hard to Be the iPhone's Gears of War

With console-quality graphics, witty dialog, and surprisingly satisfying cover-based shooting controls, Madfinger's Shadowgun is an amazing accomplishment of an iOS title, sadly cheapened by the developers obvious attempts to ape Epic's Gears of War. More »

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