3Monitors -Joel Johnson plays a round of Battlefield 3 Beta on the Kotaku office gaming rig.... making me almost instantly motion sick.

The First Two Dreamlike Hours of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

At times, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword feels a bit like a dream, one of those vivid ones that's all colors and sunshine, freedom and flying. Earlier this week I played the first several hours of the game at a Nintendo press event and came away impressed with the complexity of the controls,... More »

He's Getting Too Old For This First-Person Shooter Shit

In today's rapidly aging edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, old man commenter AcornPop hangs up his first-person shooter guns, unless a loose cannon of a young partner can drag him back in. More »

Twenty-Three Blissfully Lag-Free Minutes in Battlefield 3's Caspian Border

Yesterday I showed you all what Battlefield 3's massive Caspian Border map looked like through the haze of server lag. Now YouTube user jeffriseden gives us a lengthy lag-free look at the gorgeous contested landscape. More »

Decide-O-Tron 8000 Extrudes My Ten Favorite Games

Penny Arcade's game-suggesting iPhone app, Decide-O-Tron, is starting to showcase the favorite games of folks perhaps familiar to gamers. They've got the favorites of PA's Gabe and Tycho, Xbox 360's Major Nelson and now Kotaku's me. My list of favorite's went up last night. More »

Notch Vs. Bethesda: The Court Papers

Another batch of documents in the legal wrangling between gaming giant Bethesda and indie darling Mojang hit Twitter today. Minecraft creator Markus Persson Tweeted what appears to be Bethesda's filings in the upcoming trademark case involving Scrolls and The Elder Scrolls. More »

Wow, Psychonauts Just Got A Big Update, Achievements and a Mac Version

Like, totally out of nowhere, Double Fine just hit us with an update to the PC version of "excellent game" Psychonauts, adding Steam Play cloud saves, achievements and support for Mac OS X. More »

The Binding of Isaac is a Wonderfully Warped Old Testament Take on The Legend of Zelda

In a world crowded with games spawned from Super Mario Bros. how wonderful it is to see the progeny of the Nintendo Entertainment System's The Legend of Zelda. More »

Let's Compare Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC

You can play Battlefield 3 on a number of beastly machines. Surely, it looks best on PC (no surprise), but how about we let YouTube user Robbaz compare the game on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC? More »

Mortal Kombat Is Koming Back to the Big Screen

Looks like director Kevin Tancharoen's actually going to get to make that Mortal Kombat movie he pitched to Warner Bros. The director of Mortal Kombat Rebirth and the web series it spawned, Mortal Kombat Legacy, is getting his very own stab at a feature film. More »

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