Gone Gold -A celebratory picture taken by Infinity Ward producer Pete Blumel used to Tweet that Modern Warfare 3 was officially complete. Credit: Charlie Intel

Somehow, They Turned Chemistry Into the Next Video Game You Should Play

A friend who was recently planning his amusement for a 14-hour flight asked me for a game recommendation.
You will only need one game for the entire flight, I told him.
Shortly afterward we sat down. More »

God, Sex, Gestation: Nothing Beats Angry Birds In This Movie

I'm not sure what the point of this video is, besides freaking me the hell out, but Taiwan's favorite news animators put together this Angry Birds video.
And now I want you to be as permanently scarred as I am, by watching it. More »

A Somewhat Laggy Visit To Battlefield 3's Massive Caspian Border

The second map being unlocked for Battlefield 3's open beta is Caspian Border, a massive 64-player conquest map filled with planes, jeeps, and if you get the right server, tons of lag. More »

Watch Someone Kick Ass in FIFA Using Just Their Eyes

Maybe what drew you here is the chance to watch someone play a video game using technology that tracks eye movement. But make sure you stick around to hear about the people who make that possible.
The SpecialEffect Charity is dedicated to helping everyone play video games no matter how severely... More »

The Foo Fighters Face Their Greatest Challenge Yet: BlizzCon 2011

After taking the stage as Tenacious D's drummer at BlizzCon 2010, Dave Grohl returns with his own damn band to play out BlizzCon 2011.
Blizzard has a way with securing exciting musical acts to close out its yearly celebration of all things it. More »

Can You Spot the Mistake This Man Made While Stealing 54 Copies of Madden 12?

The man in the video below almost pulled off the perfect crime, walking out of a Walmart in Fleming Island, Florida with 54 copies of Madden 12 stuffed in his pants. More »

Dark Souls Slays the Competition in Japan

More than a quarter million masochists in Japan have snapped up a copy of Dark Souls for the PlayStation 3, making From Software's punishing role-playing game the country's bestselling game.
That's a big improvement over the Japanese debut of its predecessor, Demon's Souls, which bowed with about... More »

A Riotous Beginning for the New Mutants of X-Men: Destiny

How does one go from being a displaced teenager with a dickhead father one moment to being an unofficial member of the world's greatest mutant fighting force the next? More »

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