Warhammer -This weekend marked my return to table top miniature gaming. I starting to dig into Flames of War, but I suspect a return to Warhammer is inevitable.

Taking the Taboo Out of Mature Gaming

It's like clockwork; Moments after popping open any game that has a mature rating, my 10-year-old son seems to appear at my elbow to ask if he can play it with me.
It's a mix of things that draws Tristan to these games that he knows I don't let him play. More »

In the Heat of the Action League of Legends Unleashes Dominion

There's a new way to play popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends today, as Riot Games goes live with its brand-new Dominion game mode. More »

I'm Impressed By How Much This Tabletop Game Looks Like Video Game War

I haven't played a tabletop game since my near-obsession with Warhammer back in my college days.
But this weekend I decided to take the plunge again, this time with my 10-year-old son. More »

Doritos Creator Arch West Takes His Cheesy Legacy to the Grave

Orange-stained fingers around the world were clenched in grief last week, when the legendary marketing man credited with the creation of Doritos passed away. More »

Classic Movie Video Game Adaptations Would Save a Ton on Color Costs

In today's retro-tastic edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Jesse_Astle wonders what classic pictures from Hollywood's golden age would make for exciting interactive video game experiences. More »

Battlefield 3's Latest TV Spot Goes "Above and Beyond the Call"

As promised last week, EA delivers the full version of its "99 Problems" Battlefield 3 TV spot today, unveiling never-before-seen gameplay footage and a new tagline aimed right between Modern Warfare 3's eyes. More »

Amazing Arcade Machine Inverts the Relationship Between Gaming and Laundry

Playing video games and doing laundry are two activities that don't go well together at all, unless you're Kingston University design student Lee Wei Chen, who has used his magical powers to combine to join the two tasks in unholy matrimony. More »

I Got My Fashion Sense from Video Games (And You Can, Too!)

Much as I automatically deny it, video games have influenced every element of my life in some way.
If Sherlock Holmes were to spy me on the street wearing any one of the garments in my closet, he would be able to deduce, as he shook my hand, "So you are a fan of the television games, I perceive."... More »

When Plants Vs. Zombies Meets the NHL, Horrible Tattoos Happen

42-year-old hockey fan Mike Schaaf was in the market for some more permanent body art to demonstrate his passion for the pastime, but wasn't sure which artistic direction to go in. More »

The First 50 Pages of the Second Elder Scrolls Novel

I've got a copy of The Lord of the Souls, the second Elder Scrolls novel, sitting on my night stand. It's buried under a few other books I've got to read first.
I'm hoping to eventually write something about what I thought of the book. More »

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Get To the End of the Diablo III Beta?

"All you do is click!" "It's a total click-fest!" "Don't make me click your ass!" Yes, we've heard the criticism over the Diablo franchise for its simple mouse-driven mechanics, but is it really a million mouse-clicks to victory? More »

Rumor: Dead Space 3 Trades Total Darkness for Blinding Light on a Frozen Planet

If EA is making another Dead Space-and it's starting to appear that it is-it may be a radical rethink of the sci-fi horror series. Gone may be the dark corridors of space ships and far-flung planetary settlements, replaced by an icy wasteland inhabited by an all-new strain of monster. More »

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