Deus Ex: Human Revolution's "gold" filter may be a visual trademark, but it also affects the way you see the game world. A new mod for the PC version removes this (and makes a few other changes), and boy, do things look different.

The ENBSeries mod for the game, made by the same community responsible for Grand Theft Auto IV's stunning visual overhaul, is only for Nvidia cards, but if that's you, you're in for a treat.

Not only is the gold filter removed, letting you see everything in its own, natural colour, but the lighting has been improved, smoke effects have been tweaked and the game just generally looks better.


Be warned, though, the improvements come at a cost in performance, so only those with powerful PCs should apply. In the gallery above you'll see some comparison shots; for more, head to PC Gamer.

Deus Ex / ENBSeries [ENBSeries, via PC Gamer]