Payday -Simon and Ulf from developer Overkill at a recent New York showing of their shooter Payday.

If a Train is Traveling 80 MPH, And the Internet is At 1Mbps, When Will Diablo III Crash?

Diablo III is a joy on a desktop. It's even fun to play on a Macbook Air. But how will Blizzard's online-only dungeon crawler fare while played on a train traveling 90 miles an hour down New York's Harlem Valley using a Sprint 3G card? More »

A Reimagined Pong to Drive You Up a Wall

The title of this feature, 'Gaming App of the Day," may be a little misleading. It's intended to be an honor about as much as Time's "Person of the Year" is, and remember, that thing went to Hitler in 1938. More »

Battlefield 3 Expansions Hit PS3 First

The Xbox 360 might be getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 expansion packs first, but the PS3 gets Battlefield 3's expansions first.
The publisher said today that beginning with Battlefield 3 expansion Back to Karkand, all "full-blown upcoming expansion packs" for the game will appear one week... More »

There Are Far Too Many Pokémon To Care About Anymore

Remember back when there were 151 Pokémon and you knew everything about each one? Commenter Daemon_Gildas does, and he wants that feeling back in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. More »

A Birthday Letter To Myself About Video Games

Many video games turning twenty-five this year could set themselves on a podium and brag until their throats are sore. "Hey, I'm Castlevania and I've released over 30 games in the last quarter-century. More »

Here's Why the New XCOM is Nothing Like the Old X-COM

XCOM is no X-Com. That is to say, don't expect the upcoming first-person shooter XCOM from 2K Marin to be a new version of turn-based strategy classic X-Com. Why? More »

A Closer Look at the $50 Risk: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Board Game

First unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, here's our first look at the retail version of the game that blends the strategy of Risk with the game design of Metal Gear Solid... More »

First Pages of DC Comics' High-Tech Blackhawks Series

Our regular comics coverage has been nearly overrun with DC Comics' New 52, which is the dominant thing in the world of American comics right now. DC, the publisher of Superman, Batman and Ambush Bug, is rolling out 51 new first issues this month (plus one last month). More »

Zynga Shed Three Million Gaming Addicts Last Spring, But Still Have Plenty

Usually Zynga, makers of FarmVille, can brag. Not today. Zynga reports they dropped from 62 million daily users to 59 million last spring. Profits dropped 90%. More »

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