Pon Pon | CHIBA, JAPAN - Yuzuki Aikawa showed up at the Acquire booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Are There Not Enough PlayStation Vitas to go Around?

The signs were there for Sony. This year's Tokyo Game Show was shaping up as the biggest ever, and its new Vita handheld would be many people's main attraction.
Why, then, did the company do such a poor job of actually letting people play the thing?
We've told you how ridiculous the lines for the... More »

How Adobe Is Going To Make Flash Gaming Awesomer

Flash gaming is just about to get better. Adobe is bringing full hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to both Flash and Air. It's also improving 2D graphics as well. More »

What If You Want To View Porn Sites on Your Japanese PS Vita?

And what if you have the 3G version? Well, things might get embarrassing.
Docomo is the PS Vita's official 3G carrier in Japan, offering two plans: a prepaid 20 hour plan and a 100 hour plan.
To protect underage gamers, the PS Vita's default settings do not allow access to "unsuitable sites"... More »

When Cops Fight Crime with Cute

Not everything in Japan is kawaii, or "cute". Some things are downright ugly, such as the crimes people read about in the newspaper. Instead of fighting fire with fire, one Japanese city is killing crime with cuteness. More »

There Will be no Female Shepard, Seth Green or Video Game Stories In the Mass Effect Movie

Answering questions that they didn't have time to answer during Comic-Con a few months back, the producers of the upcoming Mass Effect movie have posted a few bits of extra info on the project on the website of film company Legendary Pictures.
While dating back to last month, the blog was updated... More »

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