COLOGNE, GERMANY - Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario hash a few things out at Nintendo's Gamescom booth. (Photo by Michael McWhertor)

Contre Jour: It's Unlike Anything You Haven't Seen

Contre Jour came home from E3 with a chest full of ribbons from major league critics and became a lot of people's most anticipated indie game or mobile game. More »

Five More Things I've Learned about Skyrim, About Murder, Encumberance and other Stuff

Fifteen minutes of play time with the fifth Elder Scrolls game isn't enough. Skyrim is massive. A quarter of an hour in it illuminates the game's world about as well as stepping just outside of an airport terminal explains a new city. More »

Dreaming of the Perfect Robocop Video Game

If ever there was a character that needed a fresh new video game, it's Detroit's finest, Alexander James Murphy. In today's Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Korio8 asks us to dream up a modern game that's half-man, half-machine, and all awesome. More »

A Stroll Through A Bullet-Riddled Parisian Neighborhood in Modern Warfare 3

The record, they tell me, is level 28. We're nowhere close to that when death comes quickly to both of us. That's the way you die in Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival Mode: More »

Adventure World is Zynga's Take on Tomb Raider—and Another Step Toward "Real" Games

Zynga's latest Facebook game, Adventure World, is another step towards the company's inevitable future: they're teaching their millions of players how to play-and enjoy-"real" video games.
We're not Zynga haters around here—at least not by default. More »

The Paperboy is now a 'Smut Peddler' in Retro City Rampage, Coming Soon for People With Memories

Retro City Rampage, the top-down Grand Theft Auto-looking game that pays homage to old-school video games when it's not having some fun at their expense, is nearly done. More »

Monaco, the Multiplayer Heist Video Game We Need, Looks Prettier Than Ever

With so few great heist video games out there, the wait for Monaco has seemed especially long. A couple of years in the making and promised by creator Andy Schatz only for some time in 2012, Monaco is at least a consistent presence at shows like this past weekend's Penny Arcade Expo. More »

That Weirdly Racist NPC in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

For the most part, the characters in Deus Ex: Human Revolution stick to the middle of the road. There's the tortured, hard-to read protagonist, the brilliant woman with a secret, the sassy British tech guy, and so on. More »

The Jamestown Video Game Set on Mars Seems Historically Inaccurate

They grew corn and tobacco in colonial Jamestown on Mars back in the 1600s. Sir Walter Raleigh took up arms, via a spaceship, to fight the Spanish-Martian alliance. More »

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