For Kicks | SEOUL, KOREA - Konami and South Korea's NHN Corp. are co-developing an online version of the popular soccer series. (Photo: Game Impress Watch)

Meet the Craziest Sony Product of 2011

It's the early 1990s all over again! Sony revealed today that it is launching a new head-mounted display, able to screen both 2D and 3D. Ready to barf? More »

Gameloft Games Look Better at the Concept Art Stage

Mobile publisher Gameloft gets a lot of bad press for the way its games borrow visual and design cues from popular console titles. Its popular NOVA series, for example, is really HALO in all but name.
Or so it is by the time it hits your phone's screen. More »

These Aren't Just Cosplay Photos. They're Portraits.

Photographer Mike Kowalek loves taking pictures, whether that be birds, bridges, you name it. But it's his cosplay photos that got him on Kotaku.
He doesn't just take photos, but proper portraits of folks who don costumes, who deserve way more than simple convention snaps. More »

Remembering The House That Civilization Built

I don't tend to truly miss many video game studios. Businesses come and go, their developers move on, make new stuff, the world keeps spinning.
But on a weekly basis I find myself missing Microprose, who gave us Civilization. More »

Take-Two Accused of Treating Some Testers Like Crap

A former tester at Visual Concepts, the developers behind 2K's NBA and MLB games, is trying to take the pair's parent company Take-Two Interactive to court, accusing them of a number of workplace violations.
The suit is being put together by former "temporary employee" Aaron Martinez and his legal... More »

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