Take-Two Accused of Treating Some Testers Like Crap

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A former tester at Visual Concepts, the developers behind 2K's NBA and MLB games, is trying to take the pair's parent company Take-Two Interactive to court, accusing them of a number of workplace violations.


The suit is being put together by former "temporary employee" Aaron Martinez and his legal team, alleging that Quality Assurance (QA, or testers) workers at Visual Concepts were, during his time there, not paid for all their hours worked. He also claims they weren't given break periods for rest or meals, and at the time of termination hadn't been paid all their wages owing.

Take-Two, for its part, denies the allegations.

Take 2 Interactive Is Getting Sued By QA Tester [moop2000 @ NeoGAF]

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You mean to tell me that the people in a entry level position in a multiple billion dollar industry were not treated right? That's unheard of. You never hear that about stock boys, mail room workers, dishwashers, temps, etc

Before someone tries to be smart, I'm not suggesting that they shouldn't be treated right or that they don't deserve what ever it is they are bitching about this week. My problem is that I can guarantee that he know about all or at least most of that when he took the job.

I have a book about working in the games industry and it flat out warns about becoming testers. Its a shit job with shit pay and no respect.

It should change sooner or later but its always gonna be like working in the mail room, no one on any lever gives two shits about you. So you quit or you work your way out

Also unless they do there testing is some third world African country without any labor laws, this kid is a idiot for not quitting when he found out he wasn't getting paid or given breaks that he is allowed to have by law. Unless he was a contract employe and decided not to read his contract first, in which case: HA