Much Rocking and Beards, No Cake - Jonathan Coulton rocked it on our roof today. Why? Because that's how he rolls. Might want to check your roof. Maybe he's rocking it there too. He's like the Santa of rocking it.

A Hardcore Triber Tells You Why Tribes: Ascend is So, So Close to Being Transcendent

I have played Tribes: Ascend. If that statement doesn't make you jealous, provoke salivating, or awaken tense memories of last-minute flag captures that you can physically feel in your shoulders and mousing hand, this probably isn't going to be the article for you. More »

Shift 2 Unleashed is a Demanding Driver's Ed Class

Learning to drive a stick shift on my mother's BMW 325 was one of the most maddening experiences in a teenage life full of them. I just could not figure out what the hell that thing's clutch wanted out of me. More »

John Goodman Welcomes You To Rage's Future

In this sixth video looking behind the scenes of Rage, id Software talks about the sound design of the upcoming shooter, role-playing game. That means we get to hear about how the music, sound effects and voice acting came together. More »

End of Nations Will Be Free-To-Play

Peteroglyph Games's upcoming real-time strategy MMO End of Nations will be the latest game to hop on the free-to-play train. At a San Francisco press event yesterday, publisher Trion Worlds's VP of 3rd Party Development Dave Luehmann and Senior Vice President of Publishing David Reid confirmed... More »

Which Video Game Character Are You?

It's commenter Aikage's turn to play Speak Up on Kotaku again, or should I say Commander Aikage? He wants to know what video game character you relate to the most, and you're going to tell him. More »

The Best Apps for Turning Your iPad into an iPre-School

Kids and iPads are a better fit than you'd think—as long as those little hands are clean.
Thanks to a batch of free games, storybooks and teaching tools, the iPad can be a great tool for brightening a child's mind. More »

Get Your Tickets to the MineCraft Convention Before They're Gone

The official website for MineCon, the first annual celebration of all things MineCraft, is incredibly difficult to get to at the moment, as tickets for the big November event have officially gone on sale for $99 apiece. More »

The Coolest, Tiniest New Gaming Platform Hits Next Month

Sifteo, those tiny motion-aware game playing blocks we first spotted at CES, hit this September for $150 a pack, the company said today. The toy blocks turned new game platform works with both the PC and Mac and will launch as a set of three Sifteo cubes, a charging dock and a USB radio link to... More »

Burlesque and Cosplay Come Together In Ireland

Cosplay is not limited to just Japan or the United States, it's a world wide art form. Meet the Chronic Candies, a Burlesque/Cosplay duo from Dublin, Ireland. More »

Behind-the-Scenes With Black Ops' Zombie-Bursting Rezurrection DLC

Treyarch gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the Rezurrection downloadable content coming for Call of Duty: Black Ops, including a look at what happens to zombies in the vacuum of space. More »

Argument: It's Time To Make The Legend of Zelda Free. Forever.

Today is the last day when the Legend of Zelda will be free through a special offer on Nintendo's 3DS. It shouldn't be. If Nintendo is serious about picking up its stumbling 3DS and battling back the insurgent iPhone, The Legend of Zelda should be free forever. More »

Let's Talk About CivWorld and how You Abandoned my Roman Empire

Welcome back everyone! As you may have guessed, we're here for round two of the Kotaku Game Club's discussion of Sid Meier's CivWorld. Well, I thought that I'd know more about CivWorld after last week but, frankly, I think I'm more confused than I was before. More »

Google+ Adds Games, Minus the Social Games Annoyances

Google's latest stab at building a social network, Google+, has (as expected) added games to its ever-growing list of services. And while it may boast many of the usual social games suspects, Google+ Games aims for more privacy and less pestering. More »

Spoiler Alert: People Like Spoilers

We live in an era of extreme spoiler-phobia. Be it television, movies, novels, or video games, the speedy connectivity of social media has conditioned us to live in fear of ruining one another's fun. More »

London Looting Victim Photo Inspires Outrage, Video Game

Aaron Biber, 89, stand with his hands out, eyes downcast, looking at what remains of the barber shop he's run for 41 years in London. "Everyone knows me around here - I have been here since the 1970s - but now I will probably have to close because I haven't got insurance and I can't afford the... More »

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