MvC - Yes, yes. I'm going a bit Minimates crazy lately, but those tiny bat wings are just SO cute.

Gamification is Bullshit

In his short treatise On Bullshit, the moral philosopher Harry Frankfurt gives us a useful theory of bullshit. We normally think of bullshit as a synonym-albeit a somewhat vulgar one-for lies or deceit. More »

An Angry Birds Alternative for those who Would Prefer to Aim Up

I've only needed to play 14 levels of Amazing Breaker to tell you it is worth your 99 cents. I've only needed to use the game's slingshot to launch helicopter bombs onto a massive glass mug of beer to know that playing this game is a proper way to use an iPhone.
Amazing Breaker, recommended to me... More »

Inversion's Co-Op Trailer Shows That if You Plan To Screw With Gravity, You'd Better Bring a Friend.

Third-person shooter Inversion invites a lot of comparison to Gears of War, another third person shooter that you may have played.
Outside of camera perspective, the two also share an affinity for co-op gameplay, which is something you're probably familiar with. More »

iPhone Games Just Aren't Any Fun

Commenter St.McDuck is done downloading games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and he'll tell us why in today's installment of Speak Up on Kotaku.
Why I'm Done with iPhone Games
I can't count how many demos or $1 games I've bought since I got an iPod Touch back in 2008. More »

Fallout: New Vegas' Lonesome Road Delayed

The Lonesome Road add on won't be hitting this month as originally planned, Bethesda says on their blog. We don't know why exactly it's being delayed, but we do know that they hope to get it out as quickly as possible. More »

Ridley Scott, Director of Alien, Blade Runner, is Making New Content for Call of Duty Elite

Call of Duty Elite, Activision's bid to make their billion-dollar shooter more community driven, will be getting some "exclusive episodic entertainment" from the likes of Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Ridley Scott, the company said during a recent presentation.
Speaking to a gathering at the 13th... More »

Resistance 3 Dev Diary Highlights the Most Underrepresented Aspect of Game Development

The new Resistance 3 Dev Diary says it's about the game's motion capture. And yes, for the most part, that's true. But it also spends a fair amount of time delving into something that I feel isn't shown nearly enough by devs in this era of AAA titles that routinely feature plots in which entire... More »

Five Disappointing Things About My First Hours on Dead Island

From its bittersweet debut trailer to its brutally gore-ified combat, Dead Island has captured the attention of zombie gamer around the globe. Earlier this week it captured my attention for several hours, and I wasn't entirely pleased. More »

That Awesome "Revenge of the Jedi" Moment in Bioshock Infinite? That Came from a Game We'll Never See

Near the beginning of the E3 demo of Irrational Games' Bioshock Infinite, there's a moment when... well, it's the sort of thing that when you talk to other people who have seen it you say, "You know... More »

Rock Band 3 Has A New Publisher—Mad Catz!

Harmonix's rock solid 2010 rock 'n' roll game Rock Band 3 will be re-released later this year under the guidance of a new publisher, Mad Catz. That's right. More »

Jonathan Blow, Opinionated Creator of Two Video Games, is 'Attempting to be Profound'

Jonathan Blow is a video game developer whose critics call pretentious and grouchy.
He once had the audacity to wonder aloud why more people don't make video games for adults who like reading books.
That was some time after he had the temerity to criticize the game-making of the geniuses at... More »

PvP and Penny Arcade Turn The Horrors of Game Testing Into Our Own Version of The Office

I've never been a game tester, not by choice, but reviewer is often one step up from that front line in the war against game-killing bugs.
Testing by accident, finding bugs and even having a few "named" after me, is painless for me because I can just give up, waving the controller in the air in... More »

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