Bath Time | NAGANO, JAPAN: Capcom and Shibu Hot Springs collaborate for a Monster Hunter promotion. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

League of Legends Gets New Fast-Paced Game Mode, Map The Defense of the Ancients genre seems to be heating up. Last week Heroes of Newerth went free to play. Earlier this week we learned that Valve's DOTA 2 will be playable at Gamescom and now comes news from League of Legends.

The Sexy, Scribbly Art of Valkyria Chronicles You wouldn't think a turn-based strategy game would be the type of thing you could call "beautiful", but that's exactly what cult 2008 PS3 title Valkyria Chronicles was.

PlayStation Vita Won't Launch In the West Until 2012 Sony warned you this might happen. That the PlayStation Vita would only begin its global release rollout in 2011, not that it would be out everywhere in 2011. Hope you kept that in mind!

After Tragic Death, the Timing Couldn't Be Worse for This Soccer Game Today, soccer player Naoki Matsuda died due to cardiac arrest complications. He was 34 years old. Also today, a PSP game he promoted went on sale in Japan.

When Parents Let Their Kids Die It's one of Japan's dirty secrets. Summer after summer, parents get their gaming fix at pachinko parlors, leaving small children in the car. Alone. To die.

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