From the outside, that is. It looks like a bail bonds office or a place you could cash check or maybe even pawn a wedding ring. Inside, well, that's a different story.

The inside of Level-5's American office is rather stylish! It obviously doesn't appear as sprawling as the company's swish Fukuoka headquarters, where most game development is done.

The American arm won't only release and localize Level-5's Japanese titles in the West, but it will also develop original games for the US. As website Siliconera points out (thanks Paradox me!), Level-5 filed a trademark in the US for The Little Battlers eXperience.


Level-5 honcho Akihiro Hino makes a guest appearance in the photo tour. He appears well rested, too, even after that trans-Pacific flight to California.

Level-5 is known for titles like Professor Layton and White Knight Chronicles. Akihiro Hino is known for working insane hours and looking sleepy.

Office Tour [Level-5]

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