KENYA - Ernest Hemingway (who was born on this day in 1899) at a fishing camp, his hand and arms burned from a recent brushfire; his hair singed from recent plane crashes. (Photograph in the Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.)

I've Seen Battlefield 3 on PS3 Firsthand. It's Spectacular.

The last time I saw Kevin O'Leary he had a beard. A tier-one beard. These day's he's wrangling press for Battlefield 3. Right now he's walking me behind a curtain on the second floor of a New York City ballroom to a Playstation 3 set-up on a back room television.
They won't allow me to play the... More »

Battlefield 3's Operation Metro Delivers Multiplayer Mayhem

We had a chance to check out the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3 earlier this week. We also spent more time playing through the game's Operation Metro mulitplayer map. More »

Portable Doesn't Have to Mean Pocket-Friendly

Commenter Hongo has had it up to here with people denying devices the label 'portable' simply because they can't fit in their pants pocket. He'd prepared a portable primer for today's Speak Up on Kotaku. More »

When Batman's Away the Gotham City Impostors Play One Deadly Game

Who patrols the streets when Batman is out of town? Who is next in succession for the title of Clown Prince of Crime? Everybody, if Gotham City Impostors has anything to say about it. More »

Is This What A Belgian Super Mario Bros. Would Look Like?

The video game version of The Adventures of Tintin isn't always a platformer, but when it is it feels a lot like a richer, more complex version of the old Super Mario games I love to play.
Working your way across the screen as the titular Tintin, down the screen, up the screen, from a side-on view,... More »

Exclusive: Inside Microsoft's Fanboy Fantasy, the Star Wars Xbox 360

Fanboy. There's perhaps no franchise more immediately connected with our mental conception of a fanboy than Star Wars. Then there's Xbox. A whole ‘nother world of chest-thumping, battle cries, and utter devotion. More »

Duke Nukem, Jason Rubin, the Rockeeter, and Scourge the Hedgehog All Have New Comics Out This Week

I was supposed to recommend the week's best new comics yesterday. I'm a day late. Fitting, I guess, because one of the new comics is tied in to Duke Nukem Forever. More »

What is America's Fetish This Week? Armageddon

There was supposed to be chaos. There was supposed to be confusion. There was supposed to collapse. There's wasn't any, of course.
Granted, the so-called Carmageddon was predicted to hit the City of Angel hard last week, but it ended up being a non-starter, with people enjoying taking pics of empty... More »

On the Bright Side, The Nintendo 3DS Video Service Can Only Get Better Than This

Our very own Mike Fahey warned me that there were no new videos to watch on the 3DS today, despite today being some sort of 3DS Video Service launch day. More »

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