Howie | SUN VALLEY, IDAHO: Sony boss Howard Stringer arrives at Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference. (Photo: Scott Olson | Getty)

When Disney Collaborates with… an Erotic Game Artist Fans make sexy drawings of various characters. From Peter Pan's Tinkerbell to Beauty and the Beast's Belle, they've done this for years.

The Undying Video Game Art of Toshiaki Takayama Depending on your gaming tastes, you may not have seen much of the work of Toshiaki Takayama. Which is a shame, because his work is incredible.

Let's See What You've Got American Cosplayers! You're dead wrong if you think the West can't cosplay. It so can. And at the recent Anime Expo in Los Angeles, America did just that: cosplay.

A Collection of Wiis Gathering Dust As more and more seasoned gamers let their consoles fall by the wayside, the jingoism "my Wii is gathering dust" became common. These Wii controllers? They've literally gathered dust.

The Amazing 1979 Song About Computer Games There have been plenty of songs written about video games over the years. You have your favourites, I have mine.

I don't like purple all that much. I know its connection with royalty, blah, blah, blah. I like navy or black, both fine colors. –Brian Ashcraft

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