They Don't Make Games Like This Any More, But They Really Should | This is a pixel art concept called Iso action rpg mock up. (Image by wuhu)

The End of the World Never Looked (Or Sounded) So Beautiful

In the opening moments of 1999's Homeworld, you get to see the end of the world. Watch helplessly as an entire planet, and everybody on it, is burned to a cinder. In most other games, such a cataclysmic event would be either brushed awkwardly under the rug and used as a MacGuffin to get you out... More »

Crysis 2 is About to Look a Whole Lot Better

If you can handle it, that is. When first released earlier this year, Crysis 2 disappointed many hardcore PC gamers, who had hoped the game would, like the first Crysis, be something that could really make an expensive rig sing. More »

Duke Nukem Forever Seems More Fun With a Friend

I played Duke Nukem Forever by myself. Couldn't stand it. Maybe I should have had some beers and played it with a friend instead. Seems like a lot more fun! More »

Running With Rifles is Cannon Fodder for the 21st Century

Few games before, or since, have been able to capture the simple, hectic majesty of arcade combat than 1993 classic Cannon Fodder. While that series languishes in (relative) obscurity, however, a new indie game is keeping its spirits alive. More »

The Towering, Mechanical Art of Killzone 3

The Killzone series may be mired in darkness and a convoluted storyline, but one thing that always keeps me coming back to the games is their industrial design. It has such amazing weapons, vehicles and technology. More »

How Heroes of Newerth Suffered a "Catastrophic Hardware Failure"

PC game Heroes of Newerth has suffered a "a catastrophic hardware failure", perhaps the worst we've ever seen for an online title, resulting in the game being completely unplayable. More »

"They grow up so fast". It's a clichéd saying, but my daughter took her first halting steps today. Ten months on and it feels like she was born only yesterday. I'm slowly finding children were put on earth solely to serve as a constant reminder to their parents of how quickly we're growing old. – Luke Plunkett

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