Running With Rifles is Cannon Fodder for the 21st Century

Few games before, or since, have been able to capture the simple, hectic majesty of arcade combat than 1993 classic Cannon Fodder. While that series languishes in (relative) obscurity, however, a new indie game is keeping its spirits alive. And then some.

Running with Rifles is an upcoming game where you control a single soldier, from a birds-eye view, as you engage in combat with an enemy force. As you grow in experience, your soldier will grow in influence, meaning the longer (or better) you play, the more of the AI allies going into battle with you will directly support your actions.


Between that and the fact bullets will kill you pretty quickly there's a bit of a shmup vibe to the thing, though with its enormous sprawling battlefields and emphasis on control points and cover there's a touch of Battlefield to it as well.

While still deep in pre-alpha, you can already download and play a build of the game from the website of developers Modulaatio Games. I've been playing it for a while tonight and it's a blast; already there's a great balance between arcade action and the features you expect from more serious military shooters.

Running With Rifles [Modulaatio Games, via TIGSource]

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Well certainly it can use more colors and a better lighting!