FALLOUT NEW YORK | A picture of the Fallout Shelter sign in my son's now former elementary school. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

1-Bit Ninja is a Sublime Paper Mario, Super Mario Mash-Up

At first blush 1-bit Ninja looks like another iPhone game knock-off, but spend ten seconds with the game and you'll dismiss that notion. Spend a minute with it and you'll be ready to toss your phone at the wall... More »

How the Wii U One Ups Television

The master controller for Nintendo's Wii U was born not of a desire to replace television, but to fix one of television's very small problems. Those few second between when a person presses the power button on a remote control and when a television blinks to life prevents gaming consoles from... More »

The Rarest (and Most Touching) NES Game in the World

Twenty years ago on Christmas Day, Andrzej Zamoyski and his brother Adam spent the day playing with their new toy: a Nintendo Entertainment System. Andrzej was Mario, and he let his little brother play as Luigi. More »

This One Goes Out to All the Ladies

Reader Bondage_Zombie has spent over a decade in video game drag. He'd like this option in more games, but not just for his sake. He thinks that there aren't enough female gamers out there and it could be the developers' faults. More »

Liveblogging Whatever Smart Stuff Gabe Newell Has to Say Today

Valve Software chief Gabe Newell, a man who seems to always be ahead of the curve on everything happening in video games is speaking at New York University today. More »

See Xbox 360's Kinect-Enabled Advertising in Action

This video gives us a unique opportunity to see behind the wall that one would hope separates entertainment from advertising. I'm not saying there is anything terribly wrong with adding new functionality to the advertising that pops up on an Xbox 360 console. More »

These Big Video Games Won't Be Out Until 2012

Hopefully you are not on the edge f your seat waiting for the next Tomb Raider. Warning: even if you are an Olympic athlete, you should consider inhaling and exhaling a few times between now and the release of Mass Effect 3. More »

Your First Official Look at Call of Duty: Black Ops ‘Annihilation' in Action

The third downloadable add-on for Call of Duty: Black Ops, "Annihilation," hits next week (for Xbox 360, that is), bringing with it four new maps and one new zombie-slaughtering "experience." Want to see? Watch that video. More »

Tristan graduated from elementary school this morning. They had a little ceremony and everything. Afterwards we drank lemonade, ate cake and then wandered around his ancient brick school. On the wall of a stairwell I spotted a fallout shelter sign. Man, how old is this school? –Brian Crecente

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