Departing from Gate E3 | A similar tableau at many airport bars in the United States this afternoon. Mine is in Eugene, Ore. (Photo: Owen Good)

Signs of E3 Are All Around Us, as are These Mutant Things It's Sunday, two days before E3 technically starts here at the Los Angeles Convention Center. What you see here are signs of video games...and Rage mutants, climbing everywhere.

Is Nintendo's Next Console Called the Beem or is that Just One Man's Wishful Thinking?

We don't know the official name for Nintendo's next console yet, but consider "Beem" to be an unlikely candidate. Internet sleuths have been piecing together web registration details, and they thought, for a moment, that "Beem" is it. More »

Is The New Nintendo Console Called... Nintendo?

Well, we're pretty damn sure that Nintendo's next console isn't called "Beem," but what if Nintendo were crazy enough to not give it a name at all and just call it simply "Nintendo"? More »

Domain Registrations Point to Fable: The Journey and Three New Kinect Games

Going by a tweet from Superannuation, Microsoft has registered domains for four yet-to-be-announced games, including a brand new Fable game. More »

These are the Big Games of E3 2011

This week Kotaku broke down the biggest games to be seen at E3, by genre, with a fast analysis of how they fit into the overall story of this expo. Take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with your favorites, because after Sunday, the avalanche of new announcements can overwhelm your perspective. More »

It's in the Game, Unless It's Outside the Lines

Without fail, every time I bring up this job and its subject, usually with folks outside the business, the topical jokes start rolling. Whatever the latest controversy or embarrassment is in sports, people ask if that's going to be simulated in the next edition of Madden, Tiger Woods or NBA 2K. More »

Will EVE Online's Console Shooter be PS3-Exclusive?

DUST 514, the FPS console counterpart to CCP's sci-fi MMO EVE Online, is due for a big announcement at E3 2011 if this countdown clock is any indication. One fan went poking around through the site shortly after it went live and found some interesting things, since removed. More »

Hackers Who Hit Sony Now Breach Nintendo's U.S. Website

Nintendo said today that hackers breached a server for its U.S. website but no customer information was compromised. The hacker group Lulzsec, which is behind other breaches of Sony websites earlier this week, claimed responsibility. More »

Rumor has Microsoft Announcing TV Service at E3

I love the weekends before E3. I've worked four. You get everything in the tips jar—yesterday we got one that said Half-Life 2: Episode 3 would be a Wii 2 launch title. It was too earnest to be a troll. Anyway, this one is in heavy circulation and Microsoft has issued a no comment, so let's go ahead and discuss: Microsoft will reveal an Xbox Live subscription TV service at E3 on Monday, or so the rumor goes.More »

Closing out today at Eugene Airport; I'll be bringing up the rear of the Kotaku guard flying into E3. Hope my Odor Eater spray makes it through customs here or else it'll be an unpleasant week for those around me. –Owen Good

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