Let's Dance | TOKYO, JAPAN: Comedians Oriental Radio and fashion model Kayo Satoh show off Dance Central. (Photo: ファミ通)

And These Are America's 3DS eShop Launch Applications ( Pokémon! ) You know which games and programs Japan will be getting next week when its 3DS eShop launches. Now see which ones America gets. Know there will be Pokémon.

Before They Were Heroes: the Art of Team Fortress 2 Unlike perhaps any game since the 16-bit era, Team Fortress 2 has a look that is almost timeless. To get characters looking that good takes not only years of development, but years of concept art as well.

Japanese Dev Legend Goes From Riches to Rags He developed some of the most successful, ground-breaking games ever. But today, game designer Yoshiki Okamaoto's personal blog has vanished from the internet. Rumors say so did he.

These Girls Will Rock Your Brains Out Late last week, Capcom held a typical and somewhat ho-hum press conference for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D in Tokyo. The bright spot was when heavy metal band Aldious took the stage. Unfortunately, they weren't they're to play music, but games.

The PlayStation Network Is Back in Action As promised, and after over a month of downtime following attacks by hackers, Sony's PlayStation Network is now back up and running.

Wow, the Prime Minister of Japan said today he was going to resign and barely made it through a no confidence vote. He didn't give a date for his resignation. I have mixed feelings about the Prime Minister. I like that he's from a normal family, and he isn't a political dynasty. I also don't like how he handled some of the post tsunami stuff. But he's pushed through some good reforms recently... I do think he needs to finish the job. Japan really goes through too many PMs. –Brian Ashcraft

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