A pretty crappy car, maybe, but the point remains: you could still buy a working, actual automobile for the cost of this steering wheel set minted for racing game Dirt 3.

On sale in British stores for £840 (USD$1380), Playseat's DiRT 3 + Logitech G27 deal combines a comfy driving seat, a sturdy frame and a wheel/pedal set into a controller setup that, were your TV big enough, would be as close to the real thing as you could get without a man sitting next to you muttering "easy left".

If $1380 is too rich for your blood, if you order online you get a discount that takes it to...USD$1170 (£709).

Why so much? It's practically a real racing car seat, and is flexible enough to work with most company's steering wheels. Aside from that, it's probably more a case of "a fool and his money".

Playseat DiRT 3 + Logitech G27 [Playseat, thanks jamie!]