Aliens Vs. Colonial Marines | A poster depicting the U.S.S. Sulaco from Aliens. (Photo by Crecente. Poster sent to my home from a C. Burke. )

Next Year Will See A Return To Metro 2033's Horrific Russian Underground

They call it their flawed masterpiece.
Released last year, 4A Games' Metro 2033 gave gamers a chance to experience a different sort of apocalypse, one untainted by Western views and culture. More »

How Call of Duty Elite Works, and Why You Might Be Paying For It

The people who make Call of Duty keep promising that they won't charge you extra to play their hit game against other people. They shoot down any fears that they're going to turn CoD multiplayer into a pay-per-month subscription service, a la World of Warcraft or HBO.
But starting this fall, series... More »

Relax, Spirits Will Guide You Through Your Next Wait In Line

The iPhone seems packed to the rafters these days with loud, violent shooters and games about money. So let's take things a little slower, and relax with a puzzling platformer about some cute spirits instead.
Spirits is an iPhone and iPad game by Spaces of Play that, at the risk of crudely... More »

When a Great Demo Hides a Bad Game

In today's Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Dracosummoner talks about a game that sold him with its demo and then let him down in full release. Has that ever happened to you? More »

"In the zombie apocalypse, I died of cooking soup."

The Indie Stone's calamitous path has finally brought it to a place where Project Zomboid is available to play as a cut-down alpha.
Those who have pre-ordered the game (and more recently, those who have bought their other games to get a
PZ pre-order) will by now have received an email with the... More »

Gaming is One Reason This Amazing Driving Technology is a Bad Idea

According to UK windscreen replacement company Autoglass, this video represents a future where augmented reality windshield displays can usher in a new era of driver safety. More »

Uncharted 3 Wants to Be the Go-To Multiplayer Experience on the PlayStation 3

The first two Uncharted games for the PlayStation 3 established Naughty Dog as one of the premiere single-player developers on the console. That's just not good enough for these people. More »

These are the Big Shooters of E3 2011, We Think

Prediction! There will be a lot of shooters (first-person and third-person) at E3 next week.
Yes, indeed. As crazy as it sounds, games that involve the rapid transferral of bullets (or lasers) from gun barrel to bad guy's head will be as ubiquitous at next week's E3 showcase of upcoming video... More »

Long weekend over. Yard mulched. Beer consumed. E3 cometh... –Brian Crecente

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