Whether you're looking to spend your final moments catching up with your favorite Gawker Media sites, or just interested in a last laugh or three before the world comes to an end, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

Watching 51 Airplanes Taking Off In Just Two Minutes Is Mesmerizing

BostonAirborne's Chris Eagle went to Boston Logan International Airport and recorded one hour and ten minutes of frantic activity from a fixed Panasonic HDC-TM5 camera. This is the result: 51 planes taking off in just 2:30 minutes. Hypnotizing. View »

Watch SNL's Live-Action Version of 'The Ambiguously Gay Duo'

It's been a while since Saturday Night Live has aired "The Ambiguously Gay Duo"—its classic animated sketch about a couple of superheroes who may also be an actual couple—so when it appeared on screen during tonight's episode, many were pleasantly surprised. But then the sketch suddenly transformed into a live-action one—featuring appearances by Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and host Ed Helms—and "pleasantly surprised" instantly became a huge understatement. View »

Dextrous Beagle Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes

Watch this mesmerizing video and wonder why you don't have a dog, and then remind yourself that they're a lot of work, especially if they're Beagles and you live in a city but oh my god it catches the ball with its little paws. View »

Watch As This Rugby Player's Face Ripples Like A Face Probably Shouldn't

The above video comes from tipster Graeme (naturally), who explains it thusly: "It's of a fight between Chris Ashton (in the white jersey) of the Northampton Saints and Manu Tuilagi of the Leicester Tigers (in the extremely non-tiger-like stripes) from Saturday's Premiership semi-final. On first view it looks like a case of handbags at 10 paces [see phrases.org.uk] but the slo-mo replay reveals some Rocky-style shit. The action starts at around 0.25." View »

Chinese street racing is the closest you'll get to a real-life video game

Street racers dart in-an-out of oncoming traffic at night, hitting triple digit speeds across multiple stages. This isn't a video game. Or, well, it is a video game. But it's also what these Chinese street racers did in this incredible video series. View »

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, Is Gwyneth Paltrow Rapping

Last week, the GOOP-itrix herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, appeared on the Graham Norton Show (which is like The Tonight Show if Jay Leno was Irish, gay, and actually funny). She rapped. Yes, she did the first few lines of the NWA classic "Straight out of Compton." View »

The Heroes of Arcade Insanity

They might look like regular people, but their gaming skills are anything but. They're superplayers. They take gaming as far as it can physically go. View »

Teeny Tiny Kitty Has Teeny Tiny Milk Moustache

Got Milk? This cat does — all over his face, in fact — but at least he's adorable enough to really pull it off. View »

Watch This Lake Explode Inside Out and Wash Everything Away

I don't know where this came from. I don't know where it happened. I don't know who did it or how or why. The only thing I know is that I can't stop playing this awesome underwater explosion. View »

The Best Parts of Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart's Debate

After receiving an invitation from Bill O'Reilly to appear on his show and debate whether or not the rapper Common should have been invited to a poetry reading at the White House, Jon Stewart showed up tonight as promised and attempted to interject some logic into the controversy. And because we would never expect you to suffer through an entire episode of the Factor yourself, here are the best four minutes of O'Reilly and Stewart's debate. View »

How to exit an overturned truck like a boss

I wanted to use a superlative in describing this man jumping out of a tumbling Toyota FJ truck, but I couldn't decide if this was the luckiest or most skillful exit ever. Either way, it's definitely boss and completely dangerous. View »

A Children's Treasury Of Athletes Breaking Trophies

Because what better way to drown your competitive sorrows than watching actual champions clumsily break their precious trophies! View »

Diet Coke + Mentos + Stupid = Perfection

Tossing Mentos into Diet Coke is one of the oldest tricks in the MEGA CARBONATION EXPLOSION book, one you've seen around here once or twice. But those were major-scale productions. This? This is one man, one hilariously inept projectile. View »

The Father/Daughter Incest Story That Was Too "Real" For Jerry Springer

Recently The Steve Wilkos show (what, you haven't heard of it?) aired a two-part story about a father and his 18-year-old daughter who had been estranged during the girl's childhood but reconnected through MySpace when the daughter, Britney, became an adult. They struck up a romantic relationship and are now calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. View »

This Must Be the Place: Sean Penn the Childlike Nazi Hunter

Here's a teaser trailer for This Must Be the Place, a wacky sounding movie about an aging rock star (a tiny-voiced Sean Penn) who goes hunting for a Nazi executioner. Yuppp. View »

Ben Eager Was The Most Interesting Man In The World Last Night

Eager was all over the place for San Jose: pancaking Daniel Sedin against the glass, trash talking a prostrate Roberto Luongo (after pulling the Sharks to within 4), and, of course, getting flashed in the penalty box. Call it the EagerTrick: a goal, a scuffle, and boobs. (Video NSFW at the end) View »

So Portal 2's Co-Op Mode Only Really Needs One Person

You'd think that Portal 2's co-operative levels were designed specifically so that they could only be completed by two players working together. Turns out that's only half right. View »

Watch this parade of 500 Chinese supercars

Earlier this month, Shanghai opened its Formula 1 circuit for its SIC Club Challenge, something that translates through Google as "super running carnival." With more than 500 supercars looping the track, the name sounds entirely apt. View »

Are These Talent Show Contestants Really Playing the Piano with Their Penises?

Here in the US of A, our summer is packed with boring competition shows like America's Got Talent, in which teenage girls sing Mariah Carey ballads. That's why this clip from the show's much more awesome Greek incarnation—of two guys playing a piano with nothing but their penises—should be required viewing for future American contestants. View »

The Child With The $76,000 Bedroom

Custom murals! Designer prints of Barbie dolls framed in gold foil! Pink hand-blown glass chandeliers! Would you spend as much on your child's bedroom as you would on their college education? If you spent your afternoons rolling around in sticky piles of $1000 bills, bored out of your mind, you might. And sure, we all wanted our bedrooms to look like abandoned pirate ships or the Crystal Castle when we were seven, but that doesn't mean our parents actually indulged us. View »

Cats in Tanks Wreak Pure Havoc

Finally! Proof that cats, given tanks, would love nothing more than to kill us all. Seriously. I'm just curious as to how their tiny paws made that kind of firepower. Did you see that poor woman disintegrate? View »

Three Stooges Diversion Makes For Soccer's Greatest Set Piece

We're just seeing this now, but it needs to be seen. It's a brilliant piece of misdirection, and if I were on the victimized team, I'd want to kick someone's shins. View »

Don't Let One-Inch Hail Keep You From Your Riding Lawnmower

Here in New York City, we are awed and frightened by hailstorms, which seem to us as eclipses must have once seemed to premodern humanity. In Indiana, one-and-a-half-inch hail just means you have to put your t-shirt over your head while you mow your lawn, as this gentleman demonstrates. View »

Yes, This is Actually LittleBigPlanet 2

More than four million levels have been created by the LittleBigPlanet 2 community, but few-if any-are like this: A first-person shooter apparently set inside a mecha suit. View »

Is This The Saddest Commercial On TV?

If you're not watching Fox News, you may be missing out on the most traumatizing ad since the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. Values.com's "Everlasting Love" spot features a woman remembering moments spent with her dad as he lies on his deathbed and a country song tells us "you can let go." View »

John Lithgow Gives Newt Gingrich's Press Release the Dramatic Reading It Deserves

Did you catch yesterday's ridiculous press release by Newt Gingrich's waning presidential campaign? Stephen Colbert wasn't prepared to give the statement a dramatic reading—"I don't think I've got it in me to convey the epic genius of this verbal spanking"—but luckily John Lithgow did have it in him, and on tonight's Report, he delivered. View »