All Systems Go | TOKYO, JAPAN: Fighters Uncaged launches in Japan. (Photo: Game Impress Watch)

Japan's Oldest (And Most Famous) Hardcore Dragon Quest Player Actress Keiko Awaji is proof of two things: video games have no age limit and even pretty ladies get old.

Guild Wars 2 , Your Art is Simply Beautiful I usually don't play MMOs. Never played Guild Wars, may never play its upcoming sequel either. But boy, I could look at this concept art for Guild Wars 2 all day long.

Master Craftsmanship Comes to the Mass Effect Universe Were this a 3D render of Mass Effect 2's Thane, it would be impressive. Thing is, it's not. This is a tangible, old-fashioned sculpture. Get a load of the detail!

Rockstar Says Your PS3s Are Overheating Because of Firmware Ever since Sony released firmware update 3.61 for the PS3, there have been a few reports of older consoles—like, say, my launch 60GB model—overheating. Dying a death. A lot of those deaths have occurred while playing LA Noire, but that's apparently not LA Noire's fault.

Nintendo Might be Taking This Whole Anti-Piracy Thing a Little Far Nintendo takes the fight against piracy seriously. How serious? Serious enough to really mess up this guy's day.

Mrs. Bashcraft and Micro-Bash went to a "New York Fair" at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka's Umeda. Apaprently, they were charging like 600 yen (US$7.30) for hotdogs. Needless to say, she didn't buy one. –Brian Ashcraft

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