L.A. ACCIDENTAL | Deleted scene from my play-through of L.A. Noire's Fallen Idol case.(Screenshot by Stephen Totilo)

Mass Effect Fans Worry That Expanded Gay Options Will Create Inconsistencies, Alter Canon

Mass Effect developer Casey Hudson's announcement less than a day ago that same-sex romances would be given fuller and more explicit articulation in Mass Effect 3 has unsurprisingly ignited a spark among many followers of the franchise. More »

Batman Goes Multiplayer First-Person Shooter with Gotham City Impostors

Think of it as Team Fortress meets Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Gotham City Impostors, in development by Monolith Products for the PC, Playstation Network and Xbox Live, will have players taking each other out as Batman- and Joker-themed criminals and vigilantes. More »

Before Playing Gotham City Impostors Read Batman: Impostors

Want to get more out of Monolith Productions upcoming downloadable multiplayer game Gotham City Impostors? Then you'll want to read Batman: Impostors, an epic four-issue story arc that first appeared in Detective Comics last year. More »

Modern War Begets Modern Warfare 3

This fall will see the culmination of what has become one of the biggest money-earning entertainment properties in the world: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In 2007, the creators of the long-lived Call of Duty video game series broke from the norm of recreating World War II-themed conflicts ... More »

14 Minutes of L.A. Noire's Unexpected Thrills

I need 14 minutes of your time. I'd like just 14 minutes to show you how L.A. Noire, an extraordinary and unconventional interactive detective thriller, plays. More »

How One Fistfight Influenced a Lifetime of Video Games

"I was all bloody," Keiji Inafune said recently. The game developer, best known for titles like Dead Rising and Mega-Man, was recalling a time before he made video games, the time he was in junior high school, growing up in one of Japan's toughest areas and getting punched. More »

The Day That Xbox Live Customer Service Cared

We only ever hear negative things about customer service, because a satisfied customer rarely spends time gushing over their experience on the internet. More »

Catherine Asks "Are You Committed?"

Last month Atlus asked Catherine fans to send in their video responses to questions about love and marriage. Those answers are now part of a brand-new trailer for the game, laced with some sexy new footage and packaged with new screens for those that could care less about other people's marriage... More »

In Defense of a Christ-Centered Review of Portal 2

We recently republished an article by video game journalist and critic Tom Chick, who complained that an article about the game Portal 2 on a site called Christ-Centered Gamer lacked a "shred of insight, much less Christian insight." The managing editor of CCG responds... More »

Sony Says 'Welcome Back' To PlayStation Network With These Freebies [Update: Now For North America Too!]

Now that the PlayStation Network has respawned across various parts of the globe this past weekend, Sony is saying sorry in the form of free PlayStation 3 and PSP games. More »

Madden NFL 12's Franchise Gets Its Upgrades - by Popular Demand

When Madden NFL 11 released last year with a virtually unchanged Franchise mode, Josh Looman expected to hear about it. He just expected to hear it on the message boards.
"I was hearing it in the grocery store," said Looman a longtime designer on EA Sports' bread-and-butter series. More »

Crecente is in L.A. right now, being told all kinds of secrets about games most of us won't see a frame of until E3 next month. Well, I don't need to be in 2011 Los Angeles anyway, Brian Crecente! I went to 1947 L.A., or at least a facsimile thereof. Fun game so far, that L.A. Noire. Also fun: the catered varieties of mac 'n cheese we got at the office today. The Buffalo Chicken was a delight. –Stephen Totilo

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