TODAY, TOMORROW? | SAN RAFAEL, CA: This week, Toyota said the high yen is hurting its ability to make cars in Japan. (Photo: Justin Sullivan | Getty)

Nerd Gold for Your Shelves At the recent Treasure Festa figure event in Japan, collectibles were on show and for sale. Some were one-off, while others are upcoming production models. All were awesome.

Dead Wii Is Funny. Dead Lady Is Not. In Japan, pin-up model Aki Higashihara's blog is notorious. It's called the "Death Blog", after manga Death Note. In the popular comic, writing people's names in the "Death Note" notebook leads to their demise. On the Japanese internet, the same is said about Higashihara's blog.

The Guns, Vehicles and Even Bigger Guns of Section 8: Prejudice Online shooter Section 8: Prejudice had a very low-key release a few weeks ago, which may be down to the fact the original game wasn't exactly a big hit. Still, the release of the sequel gives us a chance to ogle more guns from the future!

Beautiful Star Wars Ships, and a Huge Gundam Head And joining the spaceships from Star Wars and a Gundam MS-06 Zaku II helmet are mechs from Sega's Cyber Troopers Virtual-On.

Deus Ex Website Hacked, Customer Information Stolen According to a report on KrebsOnSecurity, the public websites for upcoming sci-fi title Deus Ex: Human Revolution and that of its publisher, Eidos, have been hacked, and a ton of information and code stolen.

Speaking of high yen! Sure hope it goes down (today it was up). It's been really high for the past few years, which sucks for me! –Brian Ashcraft

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