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Battle of the Overclocked Radeon IceQ Graphic Cards: 6850 VS 6870

The GeForce GTX 460 saved Nvidia's hind last year when it hit the market at $200 (currently $150 for the 768MB version) beating the existing Radeon HD 5830, while simultaneously threatening the more affordable Radeon HD 5770. More »

Hulu Offers Some Members Credit for Playstation Network Outage

The week-long Playstation Network outage isn't just keeping PS3 owners from playing games, it's also preventing them from using other online features of the console, like watching TV through Hulu.
While the official Hulu response to the Playstation Network outage, found on their site, is to... More »

How Much Money Did Game Developers Make in 2010?

Most people that express a desire to enter the video game industry profess to not care how much money they can make doing something they love. Those people can probably skip the annual Game Developer Salary Survey results. More »

Do Video Games Need an Incredibly Easy Button?

Sometimes Easy Mode just isn't enough. In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Sullyville begs game developers for an option to skip the harder sections of games altogether. More »

Is Zynga Now a Video Game Company?

Zynga's as much a video game company as any of the interactive entertainment field's brightest lights. Of course, given the firm's primarily business-focused approach to design, it's also the devil incarnate to some. More »

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New Call of Juarez: The Cartel Trailer Gives You Sex, Violence and Modern Drug Wars

Ubisoft's new Call of Juarez game, the one that features modern day cowboys and a Mexican drug war, has a new trailer, full of adult language, graphic violence, strip clubs, cockblocks and other things that may render it NSFW.
But this new preview for Call of Juarez: More »

In the Beginning, There was Thor: God of Thunder

Sega has released a spectacular prologue trailer for Thor: God of Thunder, the video game companion to next week's theatrical release. Virtual Anthony Hopkins has never possessed such majesty. More »

The Internet is slow in this neck of the woods apparently. So slow that Comcast is coming out to speed it up at the street. What's that even mean? Like is there a dial? –Brian Crecente

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