Do Video Games Need an Incredibly Easy Button?

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Sometimes Easy Mode just isn't enough. In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Sullyville begs game developers for an option to skip the harder sections of games altogether.


So I always choose to play games on Easy for a reason. I am not so good at them.

I love games to death, but usually death is what ends up loving me.

There are several games I have never finished. Not because I didn't love them, but because I kept dying.


God of War 3's spike room is the last thing I saw in that game. I never got by Force Unleashed's star destroyer.

You could tell me to "suck less", and all I can do is confess, "I suck." But as a result of this, I've stopped buying games and started renting them because I don't know if a game is going to stymie me at some point, and make me feel like an idiot because I spent $60 on a game I could only get to the third chapter of.

So I am making a plea to all developers out there: PLEASE MAKE A 'SKIP TO THE NEXT CHECKPOINT' button on the pause screen. Please make it an industry standard like a pause button, or an options screen. I don't care if I miss some of the story. I don't care if you disable achievements or trophies from that point on. I don't care if by using it I give up my gamer card or any gamer cred. LET ME FINISH MY GAME. LET ME SEE THE END.

I choose Easy for a reason. Please make it easy on me.

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Altima NEO

That would be like playing a game of monopoly, but asking to be allowed to skip everything and your $200 without ever even making a lap around the board. Or playing a game of softball and asking to be allowed to skip the part where you run from base to base, and just get to the ice cream at the end.

Thats pretty sad.

Video games are just that, games. And the point of a game is to challenge you, not just to get to the end. Not to mention beating a tough challenge is rewarding. You can tell your friends, yes I beat fucking Tubular in Super Mario World. Or whatever other tough bits you can muster through.

Though there is one exception. And thats tough parts that are tough because of terrible design. Like games where the controls are just terrible and unresponsive, or the goal is unrealistic.