OUT OF ORDER | JAPAN: This 3DS unit is currently not in commission. (Photo by 2ch)

So How Far Along Was Duke Nukem Forever Before It Was Binned? In 2009, Duke Nukem Forever was cancelled after over a decade in development. It's now famously back from the grave, but if you've ever wondered how far the original developers were from actually finishing it, Triptych president David Riegel has your answer.

There's A Nice Lady In That Cyborg Suit Omi Gibson is not only a talented cosplayer, she's the queen of Metal Gear cosplayers. Her latest photo set of a Cyborg Ninja prove exactly why she earns that moniker.

Modern Warfare Actor Arrested, Charged With Hitting His Wife British TV star Billy Murray - who many of you will recognise as the voice of Captain Price in the Modern Warfare series - has been arrested in the UK and charged with assault after allegedly attacking both his wife and daughter.

From Dead Rising 2: Off The Record To Asura's Wrath , A Capcom Blow-Out Two new Resident Evils. A big new dragon game. The next Street Fighter twist. A Dead Rising remake. And one Hindu-inspired epic with an amazing boss battle.

The Deadly, Sexy Guns Of The Mass Effect Universe You might think Mass Effect is all about the chit-chat, but it's not. The talking and running and sexy times are just filler between lots and lots of shooting. Really, then, it's all about the guns. So let's take a look at them.

It's almost Friday! Almost here! I'm going to have a picnic this week, and I CANNOT WAIT. Woot, woot, woot. –Brian Ashcraft

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