ELECTRIC KICKS | OSAKA, JAPAN: A pair of Japanese school shoes or uwagutsu featuring Pikachu. (Photo by Brian Ashcraft)

This Guy Built A Real, Living, Breathing City It's been, can you believe, eight years since the last true SimCity game was released. Yet time hasn't stopped people from doing amazing things with the venerable old PC game.

From Booth Babe To X-Rays Yuuri Morishita got her start as a booth companion back in 2003, appearing at events like the Tokyo Game Show. But by 2007, she was appearing as an on-stage guest to promote games. And now, she's releasing an x-ray video. Not x-rated, x-ray.

Valve Tied To Vast Potato-Based Conspiracy, May Be Portal 2 Related As of last Friday, April 1, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead developer Valve has been dropping cryptic clues in its own games (Team Fortress 2, Portal 2) and games made by others (Super Meat Boy, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, AudioSurf). The common thread? Potatoes.

Please, Stop Putting Multiplayer In Games That Don't Need It Some games are suited towards multiplayer components. Others are not. So why do so many games waste time and money trying to be the former when they're clearly the latter?

Remembering Sega's Exiled Mascot Nintendo has Mario. Microsoft has Master Chief. And Sega, well, for a long time Sega has had Sonic the Hedgehog as its mascot. Thing is, Sonic is a usurper.

In Japan, kids take their shoes off when they enter school and put on special rubber shoes to wear inside. The Pikachu ones are brand new, but they'll get pretty dirty throughout the year, even though the kids wash them weekly with soap and a brush. –Brian Ashcraft

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