SNAPSHOT | OSAKA, JAPAN: Pokémon-branded café au lait and strawberry au lait beg kids to drink them all. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft)

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Meet The Queen Of Metal Gear Cosplay Noted for her detailed and highly realistic cosplay, Omi Gibson is a regular at events like the Tokyo Game Show. But there's one thing she does better and more passionately than any other female cosplayer. And that's Metal Gear.

George Hotz Was Clueless About Sony Computer Entertainment Of America When not hacking hardware, rapper George Hotz likes to spend his time in South America. And when he's not in South America, he's in court. The legal wrangling between Hotz and Sony Computer Entertainment of America continues to drag on.

Xbox Predator Drives Girls To Strip Club, Sends Them Condoms A man from Washtenaw County, Michigan, has been charged with attempting to accost children for immoral purposes after meeting a number of young girls over Xbox Live and, among other things, sending them condoms.

The Joys Of A Console's First Moments Know what I tend to remember consoles by? Not their games, or controllers, or even hardware casings. I usually remember them for their boot-up jingles.

Pretty Sure Someone's About To Get Whacked With A Dildo Bat In New Saints Row: The Third Screens The third Saints Row video game clearly won't take itself too seriously, judging by newly released media from Saints Row: The Third. The evidence? Screen shots featuring streetwalkers in bikinis fleeing from exploding cop cars and luchadore mask-wearing thugs on the business end of a huge purple phallus.

I've been playing with my 3DS! It's pretty neat. The AR Games kinda wore thin after a while, but hey, Professor Layton! That's a good game. –Brian Ashcraft

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