Noted for her detailed and highly realistic cosplay, Omi Gibson is a regular at events like the Tokyo Game Show. But there's one thing she does better and more passionately than any other female cosplayer. And that's Metal Gear.

"Metal Gear cosplay is most representative of what I do," Omi tells Kotaku. "I pour everything I possess into it."

The diehard Metal Gear fan has an impressive resume of cosplay from Hideo Kojima's stealth series. She's cosplayed as a whole array of Metal Gear characters, from Olga Gurlkovich in Metal Gear Solid 2 to a paramedic in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Other characters she's donned include Raiden, Emma Emmerich, Sniper Wolf, Naomi Hunter, Sunny and Strange Love - among many, many more.

Omi has even cosplayed as characters from Kojima's other titles: Snatcher and Policenauts. Recently, the young cosplayer garnered a new fanbase with her masterful Catherine cosplay. She isn't a new cosplayer by any stretch, having first honed her skills as a kid. "I've been cosplaying since I was five or so," Omi says. "Back then, I'd dress up as my favorite movie characters."

This month, Omi put all of her previous cosplay photos in a handy round-up on her website. It's mostly game character cosplay as well as some S&M style fetish photos, which are not work safe.

まとめ 3/17更新|子供はガマン、黙って寝てろ [OMI]